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One item, one code marketing expands brand influence and realizes marketing transformation

by:Fullgo     2023-02-04
The direct association of accurate marketing QR codes can help merchants improve the unboxing rate, increase the enthusiasm for sales, and increase the repeat purchase rate of customers. Enterprises will also gain another asset after the brand - big data, to improve product visibility and help enterprises increase product sales. One-thing-one-code marketing expands brand influence, and uses promotional activities such as scanning codes to receive red envelopes and redeeming points to serve as an interactive medium for manufacturers and consumers. One item, one code is an effective combination of QR code and personalized marketing, which will change the external development environment of enterprises, meet people's needs for interaction, promote writing across time and space, improve the efficiency of consumer choice and reduce the cost of choice , so that consumers and merchants are integrated into all aspects of value delivery. Scan the code to send red envelopes. Consumers can learn more about product and corporate information through the one-item-one-code marketing campaign, and are willing to forward it, actively share the event information, expand brand awareness, enhance customer stickiness, and increase brand exposure. One-thing-one-code personalized marketing enables products not only to be sold in a single way, but also through product anti-counterfeiting codes and allowing consumers to participate in the marketing activities set up by the enterprise, the brand obtains consumer data and realizes the personalized upgrade of the marketing system. The data obtained by the QR code marketing system can greatly improve the repeat purchase rate and the effect of dynamic sales through big data analysis. Promotional merchants can make targeted and precise layouts for different products, regions, shopping groups and consumption scenarios. So as to achieve accurate promotion. By directly establishing interaction and using the recorded data information, the brand will be able to more accurately locate its consumers, analyze their needs and preferences, and provide a more personalized experience, thereby helping to build its stickiness with the brand. By giving each product a unique QR code, the communication boundary between the brand and each consumer is opened up. Using 'one object, one code' can better reach each individual, get more accurate data, and apply it to the optimization of marketing strategies. Based on the analysis of consumers' behavior, the company continuously improves the interaction between consumers and brands, and continuously enhances consumers' loyalty to the brand. Brand owners who endow marketing functions, formulate product marketing strategies, and personalize marketing continue to move forward to help the development of brand products.
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