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One item, one code marketing for daily necessities, with the ability to be online

by:Fullgo     2022-10-21
Obtain user data for intelligent recommendation decision-making engine, empower the operation team, and improve the efficiency and effect of operation. Help brand products quickly seize the market, spread among consumers, and increase the repurchase rate of daily necessities. The marketing of daily necessities, one item, one code, empowers brands, increases product sales, helps brand owners collect identity data and transaction data of shopping guides, and lays a solid foundation for exclusive promotions for shopping guides and systematic analysis of product sales. One thing, one code marketing, consumers can learn more about product and enterprise information through marketing activities, and are willing to forward it, actively share the activity information, expand brand awareness, enhance customer stickiness, and increase brand exposure. Develop marketing strategies to increase product visibility and help companies increase product sales. Build a sustainable closed-loop purchase conversion, and gradually accumulate a more accurate and sticky private domain traffic library for the brand. Based on the one-thing-one-code technology, it provides multi-scenario marketing solutions to help brands personalize marketing, acquire traffic, fans, and consumption data through intelligent marketing, and enhance brand market influence. The digitalization of the full-link marketing of daily necessities can promote business growth by using one item and one code. By carrying out full-link marketing, brand owners can comprehensively manage consumers and increase the value of consumers throughout their life cycle. Real-time monitoring of background data, according to the data feedback of marketing activities, enterprises can adjust marketing strategies in real time to avoid high cost of marketing activities. Open up online + offline marketing channels, trace the channel information of products by box code, and start a new layout of intelligent marketing! Targeted marketing Through the product anti-counterfeiting code and allowing consumers to participate in the marketing activities set by the enterprise, the brand obtains consumer data and realizes the personalized upgrade of the marketing system. Through the scanning behavior of consumers, it can also help companies to obtain consumer data and portraits, assist brands to better track product marketing results, and optimize marketing strategies. Improve efficiency, increase fun, and let consumers have a new understanding of brands and products. Through the implementation of one item, one code marketing, it will bring long-term help and influence. Open up the data of each link of each channel to realize the unified management and use of consumer data assets. Through the ability of one item and one code, it provides agents with more complete product management capabilities and more diversified marketing contacts.
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