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One item, one code marketing management system for beauty products, creating long-term benefits

by:Fullgo     2022-10-11
To explore more commercial value, consumers can scan the QR code after purchase through packaging and product QR codes (one code for one item), and directly deliver flexible and customizable marketing solutions such as cash red envelopes, lottery draws, and games. It can meet the attributes and characteristics of various marketing models, carry out precise marketing reach in different dimensions, collect data in real time and display it to the corporate brand, influence marketing decisions, and innovative gameplay. One item, one code, and one case, one code can effectively and efficiently help product companies establish the relationship between customers and manufacturers, enabling manufacturers to monitor the entire process of promotional activities in real time, so that brands can better understand consumers. The marketing management system of one item, one code for beauty products can help enterprises to develop continuously and carry out personalized marketing; it is an important channel connecting brands and consumers, and it is used for personalization of brand marketing in the mobile era and big data research on mobile marketing Provides practical value. Use big data to empower precision marketing brand owners to analyze consumer behavior, and strengthen brand influence at key points of user shopping, promote users' rapid decision-making and conversion, and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing. One-thing-one-code marketing helps companies quickly establish usage scenarios, enhance corporate marketing value, cultivate fan groups, establish private domain traffic pools, and enhance consumers' stickiness to the brand. Easily and quickly open up the two-way connection between online and offline, scan the QR code to easily obtain product information, and participate in brand QR code marketing activities such as anti-counterfeiting traceability, cash red envelopes, marketing points, lottery, coupons, etc. The information left helps the company to continuously strengthen the personalized interaction with each consumer and continuously enhance the customer's loyalty to the brand. Drive the entire marketing system to digitize variable marketing QR codes to enable products to be connected online and digitally to achieve effective connections; rebate to consumers, increase enthusiasm for participation, enhance promotion effects, and expand brand influence. Carry out data analysis to provide big data decision support for the precise secondary marketing of the enterprise, greatly reduce the marketing cost of the enterprise, and enhance the brand image to attract consumers. You can customize the role type, level, scene, gameplay, and reward mechanism of the channel chain, and empower the channel side, promotion side, and consumer side through digital marketing methods, and improve the flexibility of promotion. Establish a large amount of consumption data, through the information advantages of online small data analysis and terminal business development, through consumer insight and terminal sales dialogue to meet user needs, help enterprises grasp personalized customer opportunities, control market sales, build zero distance, one One-to-one marketing activities, completed market consumption expansion.
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