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One item, one code marketing management to help increase product sales

by:Fullgo     2022-12-26
Precise placement of consumer groups From the perspective of the application of one item, one code in various industries, the application rate of 'one item, one code' personalized marketing accounts for a large proportion. Personalized marketing activities for one item, one code are very common online marketing and promotion. form of activity. It empowers the operation of brand owners, provides a basis for further accurate delivery of campaign marketing expenses, improves product efficiency, maximizes channel value, increases brand awareness, and increases consumer and brand stickiness. Through the one-thing-one-code technical solution, product information, marketing activities, marketing rewards, and marketing data are deposited into the QR code, which truly realizes the direct connection from the store to the consumer, so that the small store can also become a booster for commodity sales. . Building a corporate brand image Brand can draw accurate consumer group portraits based on the data analyzed in the QR code marketing system, help post-marketing adjustment plans, target groups, and refine operations. While increasing the repurchase rate of consumers, increasing consumer and brand viscosity, and increasing brand exposure. The one-item-one-code technology enables products to have powerful functions such as anti-counterfeiting, traceability, anti-channeling, distribution control, stimulating first-time purchases, increasing repeat purchases, attracting more followers, and acquiring user data. Enterprises can formulate precise marketing strategies and brand transformation and upgrading based on data, and provide accurate and meaningful guidance for enterprises. One item, one code marketing management, product promotion, coupon issuance, consumers get online, participate in activities and go to the store to verify and write off according to the guidelines, forming a consumer marketing interaction with the terminal as the contact point. It can enable customers to actively participate in marketing activities and accurately arrange different products, regions, consumers and consumption scenarios; control the promotion link, help enterprises to implement promotion from the sales link, and form a benign promotion closed loop. One item, one code directly reaches end customers and relevant dealers, affecting promoters, red envelopes, and points redemption; checking data in real time, providing marketing analysis, and providing a basis for business decisions. Differentiated marketing strategies can be formulated for multi-dimensional markets such as different products, regions, and groups of people, helping companies segment the market, meet different market needs, and achieve accurate marketing. Through cash red envelopes, points, and rebates as prizes, platform drainage, improve user stickiness, establish a big data platform, support digital user operations, and lay the foundation for secondary marketing.
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