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One item, one code marketing technology, data analysis of promotion status

by:Fullgo     2022-12-04
Efficient interaction, one object and one code empowers various products. Through product identification, each commodity has an identity identification, which can be circulated through identification, code scanning, etc., and the process summary data is visualized. Variable marketing QR codes enable products to be effectively connected online and digitally, generate high-frequency interactions with consumers in the form of lottery draws, firmly bind consumers to brands, optimize experience, and increase participation rates. The one-object-one-code marketing system mainly uses the QR code as the entrance and the commodity as the carrier, that is, the QR code is displayed on the outer packaging of the commodity in the form of labeling, laser engraving, ink jetting, etc., and consumers/shopping guides/stores Scan the QR code of the product to receive cash red envelopes, collect points, and draw prizes. Improve the scanning rate of consumers to build a sustainable closed-loop purchase conversion, and gradually accumulate a more accurate and sticky private domain traffic database for the brand; through marketing activities, the interaction between consumers and brands can be strengthened. One thing, one code marketing technology, controls the entire marketing network, acquires and manages data from the entire channel chain, masters the real data of each node, forms a network structure, and makes market decision-making more transparent. Provide red envelopes, lottery draws, points exchange gifts and other applications for consumer users, efficiently distribute promotional materials, quickly lock promotion areas, event gifts directly to consumers, avoid event gift interception, accurately acquire new users, and quickly increase single product sales. Each product is affixed with a QR code through the one-item-one-code marketing platform, and consumers participate in the scanning activity. Enterprises can learn about the flow of goods, consumer contact information, consumption areas and other relevant data through the background system, and establish two-way communication with customers. Channels to get real market feedback and suggestions. To gain a higher level of customer engagement, it is possible to draw consumer portraits on the basis of analyzing and mining consumer big data, and to grasp the situation of smuggling and interception in real time, so as to ensure that enterprises are in charge of dealers and stores. Red envelopes, points, and physical prizes are distributed through QR codes to attract users to repurchase products, realize flexible promotions, and collect user big data. Through the collection and analysis of the user data of each scanned code, the user portrait is clearly depicted, which provides big data support for subsequent precision marketing and product development and improvement. Merchants can flexibly set the products participating in the promotion, activity time, prizes, and winning rate in the background of the one-thing-one-code marketing system, and can also track and analyze the promotion status in real time. Carry out a series of promotional activities, online and offline two-way marketing, integrate corporate resources; establish new consumption scenarios to create value experience for loyal users.
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