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One item, one code marketing value display, empowering the operation of brand owners

by:Fullgo     2022-12-05
Introduction: One product, one code marketing, focusing on customer experience, establishing an ecosystem centered on consumer participation, interaction, and customized services, consumer-oriented, and continuously enhancing customers' awareness of products, sense of trust. Enhance brand loyalty and collect consumer big data, provide decision support for secondary marketing of enterprises, and reduce marketing costs. One item, one code marketing system can realize the creation of product marketing activities, custom settings, data statistics, points redemption, scanning code to receive red envelopes, points mall, receiving coupons and other functions. One item, one code QR code marketing, giving each product a unique and identifiable anti-counterfeiting label. The QR code is the authenticity of the product. With the QR code, each code can only be scanned once. You can directly jump to the relevant query platform of the enterprise for anti-counterfeiting verification. Through 'one item, one code', enterprises can carry out more publicity activities for their own brands and products; one item, one code marketing value display, through a simple two-dimensional code, can realize red envelopes, coupons, big turntables, Interactive functions such as bargaining, fission blessing bags, etc., and various mini-games can also be customized. Use 'one item, one code' for all types of marketing campaigns. Improve customer repurchase rate. By giving each product an exclusive QR code, it helps each product to give independent identity information, realizes direct connection between consumers and enterprises, helps enterprises increase consumer stickiness, establishes good relationships, and increases repurchase rate. The new marketing method of one item, one code smart marketing platform can provide more upstream promotion resources and prizes integration according to the characteristics of commodities. For example, snack food can be bundled with game currency, catering, wine, tourism and other promotion resources and prizes. Do promotion, expand product promotion, and increase sales; based on consumer behavior analysis, companies can continuously improve the personal communication between consumers and brands, and continue to improve consumers' loyalty to the brand. Connect brands with consumers, enable one-on-one interactions, reduce operating costs and increase sales. Increase brand exposure and formulate marketing plans according to the needs of merchants product, solve the core problem and increase the purchase rate; 2. Precise marketing: when customers buy, there may be a little hesitation and other situations, our system does related marketing interactions, plays a decisive role, and promotes them The purpose of purchase; 3. Repurchase rate, referral rate, product upgrade, and increase in customer unit price, so around these parts, we provide thousands of people, thousands of strategies and full life cycle marketing; according to different user tags, targeted push different marketing content, Realize more accurate marketing applications.
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