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One item, one code product digital marketing, an incentive marketing model

by:Fullgo     2022-12-26
Drive marketing goals to achieve one item, one code, multi-channel management, key person incentives, scan code marketing activities, and build enterprise traffic portals. One-thing-one-code marketing is more popular to scan the code to send red envelopes, scan the code to send traffic, scan the code to send coupons, etc. It uses the rules of marketing to attract consumers to participate in activities, and divert traffic to the brand’s official account. Enterprises can interact with consumers through data information. Collect and understand, and formulate marketing plans in a targeted manner. One thing, one code digital marketing, the main function is interactive marketing, through promotional activities, offering customized benefits, attracting consumers' attention, stimulating consumers' impulse to participate, stimulating customers' participation and interaction, thereby driving product promotions and establishing users' full-cycle value The system provides targeted marketing strategies and landing activities for users at different stages. By scanning the QR code on the product, users can learn about product details, enter the official mall, follow the official account, and redeem points at the same time. One item, one code product digital marketing, build a sustainable closed-loop purchase conversion, and accumulate a more accurate and sticky private domain traffic database for the brand. Through a series of marketing activities, the interaction between consumers and brands can be strengthened. Brands can realize a complete closed loop of the whole process of pre-event planning and promotion, in-event scheduling and service, post-event management and communication, and truly achieve the key purpose of driving event marketing with an efficient digital event management model. The one-thing-one-code marketing system helps brands connect with consumers, obtain user data, and better realize marketing functions. It is driven by marketing benefits such as scanning codes to issue red envelopes, coupons, and points to increase the rate of consumers scanning codes, thereby increasing brand attention. Spend. Realize digital precision marketing using one item and one code for marketing, each item can be tracked, and the situation of smuggling goods and intercepting bonuses disappears, which provides a practical guarantee for the formation of the enterprise's vertical management model. One product, one code marketing system, by giving each product a unique two-dimensional code, the multi-functions are gathered on one two-dimensional code. By setting up scan code activities, consumers can scan codes to receive red envelopes, points, shopping coupons, etc., to encourage consumers to purchase for the first time and to repurchase rates, increase sales, and improve channel sales through the application of box codes. Focusing on consumers, create differentiated consumption scenarios and improve user participation experience. A series of marketing methods can be used to complete the precise distribution of goods in stores and real-time rewards for consumers to stimulate the growth of store sales. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extended reading One item, one code red envelope marketing platform, with strong interactive one item, one code intelligent marketing, to achieve precise delivery of marketing activities
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