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One item, one code product marketing, access to consumption big data

by:Fullgo     2023-02-05
Expand influence to help the long-term development of enterprise brand products, one item, one code is worth using, carry out one item, one code product marketing, consumers participate in marketing activities, enterprises statistically analyze user data information, and integrate marketing; control the entire one item, one code system, from Obtain and manage data in the entire channel chain, master the real data of each node, and make market decisions more transparent. Strengthen the ability to monetize brand traffic, accumulate private domain traffic pools, and help brand owners and distributors analyze consumers' needs and preferences based on data more accurately, so as to better serve terminals. Scenario incentives can give code activity attributes, that is, activity values, such as activity time, winning probability, prize information, participation strategies, etc., and meet the needs of the scene through activity attributes. Carrying digital marketing to improve the scanning participation rate of end users, more new tricks are used in the award setting to enhance the freshness, and achieve the goals of increasing the repurchase rate, stickiness and brand recognition. It has greatly improved the participation rate and experience of consumers, cultivated fan groups, established private domain traffic pools, and enhanced consumers' stickiness to the brand. The data obtained by the one-thing-one-code marketing system can be analyzed through big data to improve the repeat purchase rate and the effect of dynamic sales. After setting parameters such as the event area, marketing awards, reward amount, and event time, consumers can scan the code to get the corresponding rewards. Through the two-dimensional code, the flow direction and standard of commodities can be recorded; at the same time, the enterprise product market can be expanded with low cost and high reach, and the end consumers can be integrated for secondary marketing. To achieve a more efficient and intelligent process, one item, one code product marketing, consumers can continue to participate in activities in the official account, and read more promotion information, which is beneficial for brand owners to do various marketing activities. Online management and control of data such as terminal stores and marketing expenses, brands can realize online marketing activities, so that each marketing activity can achieve the unity of quality and effect. Scan the QR code to participate in activities and view product information. Consumers understand the information, and store merchants also understand the information, which invisibly enhances the brand effect of the product. Promotional merchants can make targeted and precise layouts for different products, regions, consumer groups, and consumption scenarios to achieve precise promotions. The integration of points marketing methods brings consumers a more novel purchasing experience, improves the user's code scanning rate, and can better obtain consumer portraits to help market analysis and marketing plan planning. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extended reading BC linkage marketing, what are the functions of the channel efficiency improvement marketing code? Targeted marketing
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