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One item, one code product marketing, opening up a new development situation

by:Fullgo     2022-12-07
Exposure Enhancement Enterprises can customize marketing activities according to their needs, collect consumer data, help enterprises analyze customers, understand user preferences, successfully attract consumers to buy, increase brand influence and popularity, and expand product market share. Based on the analysis of consumer behavior, enterprises can continuously improve the personal communication between consumers and brands, and continuously improve users' loyalty to the brand; enterprises can connect with users through tags, and can analyze the data collected by member points and promotions in real time. Make an overall plan for it, sort out the goals that need to be accomplished at each stage, and help its single-point implementation and step-by-step implementation to truly realize digital marketing. Connect consumers and enterprises through product anti-counterfeiting codes, cultivate users' goodwill towards brand products, and attract consumers to participate in product marketing activities. Marketing results are more intuitive. One object, one code technology realizes anti-counterfeiting marketing of brand products, helping brands to seize the market. Various marketing activities, scanning the code to receive red envelopes, and integrating multiple functions of the points mall, which are integrated and interoperable, help enterprises achieve sales growth. Based on consumer insights, business information and product information can be obtained by scanning QR codes on products; online management and control of data such as terminal stores and marketing expenses, brands can realize online marketing activities. By analyzing the data collected by the activity, it can become the guiding basis for the next marketing activity, and realize the digital management of the enterprise's marketing activities. A series of perfect digital and intelligent marketing programs have been created, which has helped many brands to achieve transformation and upgrading, and achieved ideal sales performance. Establishing a complete marketing system, one item, one code, commodity marketing, enterprises can carry out marketing activities, collect consumer data, and continue to operate the ability of consumers. Satisfy the personalized interaction between brands and consumers, and enhance users' recognition of brand products. Complete the perfect connection of promotion from offline to online, effectively enhance the interaction between brands and consumers, and help enhance the influence of enterprises. Carry out scan code red envelope marketing, digitize red envelope promotion activities, and achieve precise marketing. After attracting consumers to scan the QR code, each user's consumption data can be obtained through the background system to form systematic consumption big data, and then form consumer portraits, laying a solid foundation for enterprises to implement precision marketing and enable enterprises to form efficient vertical management of marketing needs, grading dealers before they reach consumers.
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