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One item, one code red envelope marketing, anti-counterfeiting marketing integration

by:Fullgo     2023-02-04
Accurately locate target users for one item and one code for product marketing, attract consumers to scan the code to participate in promotional activities, and lay a solid foundation for the company's next marketing. Accurate decision-making: visualization of consumer data, user portraits, and product data to help companies formulate marketing strategies. One item, one code red envelope marketing, enterprises can view the marketing terminal operation data at any time, understand user feedback and activity participation status, efficiently respond to marketing strategies, and optimize and adjust marketing plans. One item, one code red envelope technology is an expansion in the case of tracing the entire product chain. Consumers can directly or indirectly receive red envelopes or physical prizes by scanning the code, which increases consumers’ recognition of product brands and consumption stickiness, which not only enables product sales terminals The price increases, and at the same time, the repurchase rate can be increased. Increase the customer's consumption experience Scan code red envelopes are suitable for various promotional activities, such as: holidays, store marketing, clearance sales, anniversaries, annual meetings, etc. Enterprises can set red envelopes for characteristic products, and can also set different products for different products. amount of red envelopes. One item, one code scanning red envelope system has a variety of modules, one item, one code scanning code to receive red envelopes, which can be flexibly set up, can be divided into regions, groups, holidays, etc. for promotion, establish a consumer data analysis database, in order to formulate the second marketing strategy , to achieve precision marketing. Promote the repurchase of products and user conversion. When consumers interact with the brand, they can be diverted to the brand's e-commerce interface, and the repurchase conversion can be realized through operating methods such as full discounts and exclusive discounts for newcomers, locking consumers in. in the private domain traffic pool. Intensify efforts to promote the brand through red envelopes, lottery draws, accumulation cards, etc., and use the grand prize as an attraction to form communication to users; the main role of digital marketing for one item, one code is in interactive marketing, which is currently widely used in products in various industries. One product, one code system, it opens up the two-way relationship between enterprises and consumers, improves product sales and improves consumers' loyalty to the brand, forming a good reputation in the industry and realizing the personalized marketing of enterprises . Brands or manufacturers can control the dynamic QR code to set the activity area, prizes, strength, cost, time period, etc. After consumers purchase the product, they can scan the code on their mobile phones to participate in marketing activities to achieve a substantial increase in sales. Accurately grasping users can effectively expand the product enterprise market, quickly occupy market share, and achieve sales growth. Use the red envelope activities to attract fission and increase fans, provide brands and products with multiple exposures and opportunities to reach users, and the red envelopes will arrive immediately, effectively increasing consumers’ desire to scan codes.
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