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One item, one code scan code marketing campaign, laying the foundation for secondary marketing

by:Fullgo     2022-12-07
Drive sales by scanning the QR code multiple times to unlock different rewards, sharing to help win big prizes, offline consumption to receive online mall coupons, online purchases to receive in-store write-off coupons and other marketing methods. According to different user tags, targeted push precision marketing activities; purchase scan code, capture data, accurate recommendation, and create tags. One-thing-one-code marketing helps companies quickly establish one-thing-one-code marketing usage scenarios and enhance their marketing value. While improving the repurchase rate of consumers and increasing consumer stickiness, it also increases the exposure of the brand and empowers the operation of brand owners. One item, one code red envelope marketing can not only increase sales and acquire users, but also build an enterprise big data engine. Connect enterprises and consumers to understand product trends and marketing effects in a timely manner, so as to quickly and effectively adjust the next marketing plan, make user operations more efficient, and further improve user experience. Starting from multiple links such as information collection of write-off personnel, optimized management of terminal stores, consumers receiving awards, and write-off of write-off personnel, the operation difficulty of each link is minimized, and the enthusiasm for prize collection and write-off is fully stimulated. The digital interactive marketing of products, the characteristic exploration of the one-item-one-code marketing side maximizes the value of the logo, based on customer experience, based on user development, to improve user repurchase rate, brand recognition and repurchase stickiness, and achieve product integration Increased competitiveness. Improve activity participation Through big data analysis, according to the multiple consumption attributes of consumers, build enterprise-specific consumer portraits, laying a solid foundation for enterprises to achieve precision marketing. One thing, one code and all things are interconnected, which can accurately count the information of each product, and keep all the data by itself, which can enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and help enterprises to innovate their brands. One item, one code scan code marketing activities, including: red envelopes, phone bills, coupons, physical prizes, etc. The prizes are rich and diverse, and the configuration is flexible and free. Promoters can also use the reward model of the Points Mall. Scan the code to easily obtain product information, participate in brand marketing activities such as points and lottery, and record product information and consumption scan code information. One item, one code marketing directly reaches end consumers, relevant dealers, and stimulates promoters, red envelopes, and points redemption.
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