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One item, one code system for daily chemical shelf life, displaying certificate and shelf life information

by:Fullgo     2022-10-21
The so-called shelf life control of the unique code is to record the shelf life of each batch of products, and to make sorting rules to facilitate the sale of products according to the date, to prevent the problems of expiration and expiration, and to protect the rights and interests of merchants and customers. Through product coding, the entire chain of anti-counterfeiting, supplier, warehousing, channel, store, and consumer management is opened up. The logistics anti-counterfeiting logo is adopted for the single product identification, and the sleeve labeling mode is adopted for the box support, and the quality assurance information is printed on the spot. The principle of the shelf life management system: the core business scenario - store sales to realize FIFO and expiry reminders, allowing sales, configuring FIFO rules in the background, scanning the unique code of the products by the shopping guide, prompting that there are earlier batches/shelf life inventory, and completing the sales. The first-in-first-out rule Each anti-counterfeiting QR code label with anti-counterfeiting features is pasted on the daily chemical products and sold in various channels, which can also prevent counterfeiting. After consumers buy such labels, they can scan the code to get Verification of authenticity. Daily chemical products use a one-item-one-code shelf life management system, tailor-made, automatic reminders, batch production, automatic expiration date management, and reduce expiration losses. It is suggested that there are earlier background configuration reminder rules for temporary expiration, and the system automatically pops up to remind the SKU and inventory of temporary products. Through the management of inbound business, outbound business, allocation business, assembly and disassembly, inventory adjustment, etc., combined with batch shelf life, inventory count and real-time inventory balance management, the logistics and cost of warehousing business can be tracked and controlled to reduce costs. The backlog of inventory is in short supply, reducing the cost of inventory. The whole life cycle management of printing quality assurance information, the daily chemical shelf life one item one code system, and the sales of daily chemical products truthfully record and manage batch, shelf life, qualification certificate and other information. After using the anti-counterfeiting shelf-life label for daily chemicals, consumers will trust the brand more, realizing that all kinds of information can be viewed, and it can also help brand owners to prevent the appearance of counterfeit products. One item, one code anti-counterfeiting shelf life label, which can query product information, understand product shelf life and production date and other information, help consumers quickly identify the authenticity of products and prevent counterfeit products. The shelf life can be checked. A small logo is pasted on the product. After purchasing the product, consumers can check the shelf life and production date to avoid buying expired products, and at the same time, they can easily identify genuine and fake products.
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