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One object, one code traceability, rapid traceability to the source of quality

by:Fullgo     2022-12-06
Accurate information provides integrated integrated services, comprehensively analyzes possible problems, reserves all fault-tolerant solutions, and ensures accurate data association; professional supporting team, using code scanning and code assignment equipment, participates in the whole process of equipment debugging and installation, equipment operation testing, equipment regular Maintenance to ensure accurate and stable data association. The convenient display of product information and source search management, the function of the product QR code traceability system, the product has a traceable QR code when it enters the market, which is conducive to the identification of store dealers and consumers to scan the code for traceability. The key node information of product management is recorded in the QR code, which is easy to formulate for the overall management of the product. Supervise the production process and assign a traceability code to each product. After purchasing the product, consumers can easily check the authenticity of the product. At the same time, they can also view the product information of each link, so that they have a full understanding of the brand products and promote the purchase rate. In the traceability of one item and one code, the product uses a two-dimensional code traceability system. The advantage of this system is that no matter where the product is, the two-dimensional code can be scanned to obtain the product source information, so that the defective products can be recalled in batches, and the products can be recalled in batches. Operation helps a lot. Enterprise products are assigned codes, unique IDs are established, one item, one code runs through the production/warehousing/sales links, establishes mobile office management of channel circulation, creates new retail marketing scenarios, improves terminal sales rate, improves the data of enterprise products at various stages, and provides decision basis. Comprehensively improve management capabilities, build a complete traceability system, implement the entire process of product traceability, realize control from raw materials to sales, reduce error rates, improve product quality, and reduce counterfeit products. Carry out one-object-one-code traceability of products, achieve full-cycle management, supervise all links, and achieve information sharing. Problem products can be quickly recalled, and a good brand reputation can be improved. Data collection of each station (automatically record the production date, batch number and other related information of each box of products, count important information such as output, consumables use and personnel workload) product, box, and pallet data correlation. Through the application of the traceability system, counterfeit and shoddy products can be resisted. Customers can scan the product information they want to see with a swipe of their smartphone, which is convenient and fast, thereby improving the company's brand awareness. It collects data information in real time for all aspects of the factory, tracks and controls the entire production process from raw materials online to finished product storage, stores product production information, and records in detail the production information of products in the manufacturing process.
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