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One product, one code creative marketing plan to achieve product sales growth

by:Fullgo     2022-12-08
Real-time control of the market Through the one-item-one-code technology, a QR code is assigned to the product, so that the product becomes the user's traffic portal and the connection point between the brand and the user's contact point. Support a variety of promotion methods, such as coupons, limited-time discounts, etc.; attract consumers by redeeming points for gifts, increase the repurchase rate of consumers, and support pure point exchange. Accurately grasp consumer information to conduct secondary marketing and consumer research, obtain user data, establish user portraits, provide a basis for marketing decisions, and conduct targeted marketing. Through consumer insights and terminal sales dialogues to meet consumer needs, help companies grasp personalized marketing opportunities, control market sales, build zero-distance, one-to-one marketing activities, and complete the consumption expansion of the market. One item, one code creative marketing plan, a complete one item one code event background can provide enterprises with real-time adjustment of awards, separate management functions for different regions, times, and groups; a large amount of data can be collected during the marketing process, and the transmission of data is not subject to time and geographical restrictions. Create user portraits to get points for online shopping, offline scan code to get points, participate in interaction to get points, exchange points for gifts in the mall, exchange gifts for coupons, and physical gifts. Two-dimensional codes have great market potential for enterprises and brands, and the marketing method based on this technology is a new marketing trend for enterprises and brands. One item, one code marketing is a product of the development of the times. One item, one code marketing has obvious advantages in brand protection, product standardization, efficient management, rapid implementation, and convenient use. QR code marketing can quickly see real consumers, control customer characteristics, and build one-to-one precise marketing; it can accumulate consumption data and save production costs; terminal sales data allows managers to control key indicators and connect online and online. Lower sales, weaken channels to improve performance, and help terminals collect passenger flow. Provide data basis for secondary marketing to support activities such as opening red envelopes, big turntables, flipping brands, etc., to enhance consumer stickiness; according to market dynamics and designated groups to participate in activities, activity strategies can be adjusted. Meet the needs of brands to sell products online, have a complete online shopping process, help companies quickly establish a brand area, and improve their brand and purchase rate. Support product multi-specification inventory price, product classification, order setting, freight template Support different statuses of orders, order maintenance, and avoid human errors. Each product is given a unique 'QR code' so that each product has its own unique identity ID, which realizes the functions of product traceability, anti-counterfeiting, and anti-smuggling; optimizes corporate image and builds brand; data It can be docked with the regulatory authorities to meet the traceability requirements.
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