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One product, one code digital marketing system for tea to improve the retention rate of consumers

by:Fullgo     2023-01-11
To formulate marketing strategies, use 'codes' to run through all business processes, incorporate all links of the channel into the digital system, and complete the online and transparency of the entire link, so as to better control the cost of marketing activities and achieve efficiency growth. Establish different account systems, make full use of its own big data, tap the personalized and fragmented needs of the market, use data to drive intelligent operations, reduce decision-making practices, reduce execution costs, and improve the correctness of marketing strategies. By improving the entire purchase behavior experience chain of consumers, it can promote customers' favorability to the brand. The digital marketing system for tea, one item, one code, takes code marketing as the starting point. Through interaction with consumers and marketing activities, it continuously accumulates user data for precise marketing, and promotes consumers to continue to be active, retained, repurchased, and converted. The formation of a benign promotion closed-loop brand owners through the shopping guide to open the box and scan the code to send red envelopes, gifts, points and other multi-dimensional and rich reward methods, stimulate the promotion enthusiasm of the shopping guide, and thus increase the unboxing rate of the brand's terminal products. The more the shopping guide sells, the more rewards they will get. Through the profit-driven method, the shopping guide can spontaneously recommend products, so that the shopping guide can become the brand's propagandist and promoter, which can increase the sales of the brand products and help the brand reduce the cost of promotion. According to the actual demand, the terminal can be encouraged to improve the unpacking rate of goods, the shopping guide can improve the enthusiasm for selling goods, and the first purchase rate and repurchase rate of consumers can be improved. One item, one code attaches a unique QR code to the product as an identity identifier. By scanning the code, the brand directly establishes a connection with the user to form a product marketing portal. Houhua and adjustment of the activity plan, one size, one code intelligent marketing, provide precise marketing, integrated solutions, and solve anti -counterfeiting, chain, traceability, and marketing problems for enterprises. Provide consumers with personalized experience and services to meet the different needs of users, thereby increasing the number of consumer groups and achieving the effect of drainage and conversion; real-time monitoring of marketing effects, adjustment of sales strategies, and accurate marketing. One item, one code digital marketing skills, through technical empowerment and management empowerment, the reconstruction of transaction mode, chain coordination, and benefit distribution has not only successfully promoted the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, but also achieved good benefits. The full-link digital overall solution can meet the brand's full-cycle refined management and precision marketing needs of products such as product channel internal control, terminal management, internal control write-off, marketing interaction, market analysis, and member attention.
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