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One product, one code in China, realizing anti-counterfeiting, traceability and anti-smuggling

by:Fullgo     2022-12-02
Introduction: Shanghai Zhongshang Network provides customers with full value chain products and services such as brand anti-counterfeiting, smart traceability, IP authorization control, digital marketing, and channel key person incentives. Anti-counterfeiting protects the brand, avoids counterfeiting, easily checks authenticity, and increases product sales. Consumers can easily identify genuine and fake products by scanning the anti-counterfeiting code on the packaging box. The use of anti-counterfeiting labels on products can help companies reduce counterfeit products on the market and help customers quickly verify the authenticity of products. Anti-counterfeiting strength: strong anti-counterfeiting identification features, high exclusivity of anti-counterfeiting technology, difficult imitation, and high imitation cost. One product corresponds to one anti-counterfeiting label. Consumers can quickly distinguish between genuine and fake products when they purchase products with labels, which not only effectively prevents counterfeit and shoddy products from entering the market, but also increases the difficulty and cost of counterfeiting, thereby withdrawing from the market. Customized anti-counterfeiting labels, endow the anti-counterfeiting labels with marketing functions, and the beautiful appearance design enhances the image of brand products and brings more convenience to customers. Making anti-counterfeiting labels and assigning codes to each product will greatly reduce the appearance of fakes and ensure brand quality. Traceability of the entire process links such as raw material management, production management, and packaging management within the enterprise can be effectively traced and controlled in any link. In the information record management of each link, it can be more perfect and accurate, so that the product quality can be comprehensively improved, product information can be quickly shared, and it is convenient to make various decisions. It can supervise all channels from product material procurement, production and processing links, delivery, sales distribution, and sales, which sets high standards for enterprises. Realize the whole-process traceability of product production quality traceability, market circulation traceability, and agent circulation traceability. The back-end system provided, the source of raw materials, processing, relevant certificates and other information are entered, and the system generates a variable two-dimensional code. The information in the traceability system is checked, and the product information of the scanned code will also be registered and recorded through the handheld terminal and synchronized to the system. Anti-smuggling of goods allows enterprises to accurately control the entire industry chain circulation process of products, and grasp the sales situation of dealers and terminal stores. The product anti-smuggling system can be used for dealer inquiry, inspector inspection, and consumer identification of counterfeit goods, so that counterfeit and shoddy and smuggled goods information can be quickly hidden in the product distribution area. The anti-smuggling system, according to the characteristics of the enterprise's products, assigns codes to each minimum anti-smuggling unit, and associates the codes with the upper-level packaging units. , track the QR code on the product and monitor the phenomenon of cross-selling.
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