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One product, one code intelligent marketing for tea, marketing of the whole chain

by:Fullgo     2022-10-10
Reduce operating costs. Brand owners can match different rules and strategies according to different operating scenarios, achieve precise and differentiated marketing, and achieve the integration of product and sales. Diversified means can directly reach end consumers and key people, build a bridge of interaction and communication between manufacturers and terminals, and activate consumers' willingness to purchase through strategies such as red envelopes, points, cash, and physical objects, and increase sales and repurchase. Using marketing activities, red envelopes and other features can make the sales of branded products soar. One product, one code intelligent marketing of tea, real-time online verification through process design, online communication and interaction between terminal stores and users, highlighting the diversified value of offline scenarios. Improve customer repurchase rate and actively promote the dynamic sales rate of stores, effectively reach a wide range of consumer groups, and continuously improve brand influence. Help brands have the ability to go online and capture users, and double the sales and volume. During the scanning process of all logistics businesses, the system collects logistics data, which can be used for later incentive marketing for dealers. One-thing-one-code communication marketing is to use two-dimensional codes to connect enterprises and consumers through the contact point with the highest frequency of contact between products and consumers. This function is mainly based on one item, one code, and is aimed at the QR code issued by the shopping guide to motivate sales; through the incentives for the shopping guide, the shopping guide will get a commission on the code for each product sold, encouraging each shopping guide Employees give priority, actively and actively promote products with rewards, and consumers forward and share the activities to achieve fission transmission. Increase brand exposure, one item, one code product identity management, whole-process data management and control in the circulation process, whole-process information recording of the intelligent supply chain, intelligent analysis of big data, clear production inventory management and marketing effect monitoring. One item, one code marketing collects data from terminal retailers, allowing companies to quickly understand the marketing situation, formulate marketing strategies, and increase product sales. Increase the user's favor for the brand, form a secondary communication effect, and increase the user's desire to buy repeatedly. Build a corporate marketing database, through channels and personalized incentives for key people, to achieve more purchases through channels and more purchases by consumers. One item, one code, linking brands with consumers, realizing one-to-one interaction, reducing operating costs and increasing the sales volume of enterprises.
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