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One product, one code marketing campaign, greatly improving efficiency

by:Fullgo     2023-02-04
Control the event process A complete one-object-one-code event background can provide enterprises with real-time adjustment of awards, and the functions of separate management of different regions, times, and crowds. The implementation of the one-thing-one-code marketing campaign uses “code” to run through all business processes, incorporate all links of the channel into the digital system, and complete the online and transparency of the entire link, so as to better control the cost of marketing activities and achieve Efficiency growth. Whole-staff marketing: Every time a shopping guide sells a product, a high commission can be obtained by scanning the code, and each shopping guide is encouraged to give priority to and actively promote products; consumers buy and scan the code, share the link and someone buys, they can get rewards and let consumption Promoters take the initiative to help brand owners promote, and product sales increase. Build marketing digital capabilities By collecting and clarifying each user's data, clearly depicting user portraits, and providing big data support for follow-up marketing and scenario marketing, the natural and direct marketing method is deeply loved by consumers. Marketing methods: receive red envelopes, shopping guides, rebates, lottery draws, gift packs, win big prizes, open the lid to win grand prizes, point marketing, product shopping coupons, coupons, interactive marketing; prizes can be set as single items, combinations, and random gifts according to the needs of merchants mode, etc. Starting from the marketing side, through technical empowerment and management empowerment, the transaction model, chain coordination, and benefit distribution have been reconstructed, which not only successfully promoted the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise, but also achieved good benefits. One thing, one code digital technology, enterprises can greatly improve the management and control methods of marketing expenses, and better achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase. Improve decision-making efficiency in dealing with market competition. Brands can obtain actual market sales feedback of products according to the scan code data, so as to facilitate the understanding of the best-selling areas, unsalable areas, and the characteristics of purchase target groups of products, so as to prepare for the next marketing campaign. One item, one code marketing has obvious advantages in brand protection, product standardization, efficient management, rapid implementation, and convenient use. Data collection: Enterprises can directly collect end-consumer information through traceability to provide data basis for enterprise decision-making. One product, one code marketing, through interactive marketing and integral marketing, make products 'live' and help enterprises retain old customers. Scan the code to receive the red envelope, the promotion fee is low, and the merchant can set the winning conditions, the probability of winning, and also see the promotion data of the event.
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