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One product, one code marketing for dog food, incentive model optimization activities

by:Fullgo     2022-10-16
Foreword: Brand owners open up the data of each link of each channel to realize the unified management and use of consumer data assets. Brand owners need to track the behavior chain of consumers' shopping journey through digitalization, which is generally realized by the marketing technology of one item, one code in the industry. Help enterprises to promote the use of scanning code interaction, build a bridge of communication between brands and consumers, meet the personalized interaction between brands and consumers, and enhance users' recognition of brand products. Use 'code' to run through all business processes, incorporate all links of the channel into the digital system, complete the online and transparent entire link, better control the cost of marketing activities, and achieve efficiency growth. One product, one code marketing of dog food, consumer information is scattered in various channels such as terminal stores, social media, e-commerce platforms, etc., showing a highly fragmented state, unable to form effective data assets to achieve consumer insights. Cross-border spread that consumers can scan the code to receive awards when purchasing products, and red envelopes are distributed online to consumer accounts, directly giving users actual benefits, prompting consumers to be willing to spend and to buy multiple times. Through the one-item-one-code digital marketing system, scan the code to reward and direct salesmen in real time, improving the business of shopping guides"speed"and"passion", to achieve the distribution incentives of the business team, improve the salesperson's enthusiasm for distribution, and increase the product distribution rate. One item, one code is used for dog food marketing. After attracting consumers to scan the QR code, the consumption data of each customer is obtained through the background system, forming systematic consumption big data, forming consumer portraits, and laying the foundation for the implementation of precision marketing by enterprises. Solid foundation. Statistics of marketing activities One object, one code marketing uses the QR code as the entrance, and guides consumers to scan the QR code through activities to understand product information and stimulate new marketing of consumers' purchasing behavior. It enables enterprises to form efficient vertical management, uses one item one code technology to endow labels with anti-counterfeiting marketing functions, and provides anti-counterfeiting + mobile marketing solutions such as membership, points, and promotions that communicate with the Internet. Empower the brand and increase product sales. Apply one item, one code technology and code assignment technology to attach a label to each product. By scanning the QR code of a product, consumers can get a random red envelope reward, one item for one item. The red envelope activities of the code marketing system can guide customers to pay attention to the brand's official account, share red envelopes, scan the code to check the authenticity, etc.
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