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One product, one code marketing for wine, to achieve precise marketing

by:Fullgo     2023-03-07
Improve comprehensive sales volume and build a corporate marketing database. Through personalized incentives for channels and key people, more channels can be purchased and consumers can buy more products; regional sales and market share can be increased. The marketing entrance with 'scanning' as one item and one code has penetrated the market, such as: scanning the code to receive red envelopes, big turntable, points exchange for gifts and other interactive marketing methods, which greatly improves the participation and experience of consumers, and cultivates fans. groups, establish a private domain traffic pool, and enhance consumers' stickiness to the brand. Each product is affixed with a unique QR code through the one-thing-one-code marketing platform. As long as consumers participate in the scanning activity, the enterprise can learn the relevant data such as product flow, consumer contact information and consumption area through the back-end system. A two-way communication channel for consumers to obtain real market feedback and suggestions. Improve brand market influence Big data analysis can improve customer relationships, cultivate consumer loyalty, gain higher customer engagement, and make corporate marketing programs more successful. The closed-loop marketing of one item, one code can not only increase the sales volume and the repeat purchase rate of consumers, but also carry out low-cost and precise marketing to target customers, and build a user database of brand owners, which saves their own market costs and saves the manpower of channel management. , thereby increasing the sales rate. One-thing-one-code marketing system provides a channel for enterprises to 'communicate' with consumers by scanning the associated official account, and enterprises can obtain big data about consumers' consumption, so as to better understand consumers' product demand preferences , and follow-up to launch marketing activities and products that are in line with the majority of consumers to help increase the sales of its own products and increase the repurchase rate. Gradually and clearly depict user portraits During all business scanning processes, the system collects logistics data, which can be used for later incentive marketing for dealers. Alcohol, one item, one code marketing, membership points, key person marketing, loyalty marketing, omni-channel marketing, precision marketing, key new retail marketing scenarios, and integrated marketing promotion. Help branded beverages increase sales, provide customers with a set of marketing solutions to cultivate user stickiness, enhance the interaction and loyalty of various types of members, and promote regional market development. Keep abreast of product trends and marketing effects, and flexibly adjust marketing content; at the same time, more accurately grasp user habits, operate consumers in depth, make products more efficient, and improve user experience. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extended reading BC linkage marketing, what are the functions of the channel efficiency improvement marketing code? Targeted marketing
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