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One product, one code marketing of lipsticks provides practical value

by:Fullgo     2022-11-05
Increase user stickiness, follow companies to guide consumption, increase the probability of repeated consumption, and increase more attention to members; it can also realize various marketing modes such as scanning code surveys, turntable lottery, and red envelopes. Realize seamless communication with consumers, and build the company's Civic traffic pool to realize offline passenger flow visualization and promotion visibility, help merchants to promote business digitalization, and make business growth more autonomous and sustainable! Use points, operation, interaction and incentive mechanism to enhance brand market competitiveness. One product, one code marketing of lipsticks increases product sales, improves customer repurchase rate, enhances customer stickiness, increases brand exposure, and empowers brand owners to operate. Improve sales conversion. Provide multi-scenario marketing solutions based on one item, one code technology, help brands personalize marketing, obtain traffic, fans, and consumption data through intelligent marketing, and enhance brand market influence. Enterprises can perform role distinction settings in the background, conduct data analysis through the collection of different role scans, understand the sales of market goods, accurately push products, centralize marketing, realize multi-channel publicity, establish a bridge of interaction between merchants and consumers, and expand marketing. channel. The attractiveness of red envelopes is very large. Various red envelope marketing mechanisms have been launched. This model is more affordable for customers. Consumers can quickly scan the code to obtain product information, and at the same time get a certain amount of reduction. This approach is very Attractive, and it will be easier and simpler to implement. Data empowers precision marketing One object, one code and two-dimensional code marketing solution, giving each product a two-dimensional code. After consumers purchase, they can directly scan the two-dimensional code to receive cash red envelopes. It is very convenient and users are more willing to participate. Also willing to share and spread. Help enterprises connect with consumers, obtain user data, establish user portraits, provide a basis for marketing decisions, and conduct targeted marketing. One product, one code marketing, interactive product marketing, improve customer satisfaction, attract users, increase product repurchase rate, and easily acquire customer resources. The marketing management system can attract traffic to the brand, and can also generate a large number of user databases through user scan code data to build a unique user account system for the brand. Through the one-thing-one-code marketing system, users can be more motivated to consume, increase the product purchase rate, create momentum for new products, become mature, and improve the brand image.
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