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One product, one code marketing of lubricants, accurate acquisition of new users

by:Fullgo     2022-10-18
Foreword: Through the one-thing-one-code digital marketing system, all business behaviors and terminals can become recordable data, and through the entire data exchange, the optimization and upgrade of the entire marketing system can be realized. The increase in comprehensive sales helps enterprises manage marketing and data, and the linkage marketing model with consumers makes user operation more effective and effectively improves user experience. Red envelopes, points, and physical gifts are distributed to users in the QR code, attracting consumers to pay attention to the official account, continuously providing services to consumers, and turning each product into a distribution channel to achieve marketing purposes. Lubricating oil is sold with one item and one code. It already has a product with one item and one code. In the daily sales process, as long as consumers scan the code with their mobile phones, merchants can obtain user information and establish contact with users. Obtain brand-related information and participate in online activities, obtain exchange coupons to unlock rights according to the instructions of the activity rules, and then go to offline stores for online verification and receive activities products of the same specification. Improve the user's viscosity to the brand. Use the one-item-one-code marketing system for lubricants to help corporate brands carry out online and offline two-way channel promotion, realize online interaction between brands and consumer users, and improve consumers' brand loyalty and stickiness. Efficiently connect business representatives, stores and consumers, open up the marketing closed loop of channels for enterprises, and realize digital intelligence of marketing services. One-thing-one-code communication marketing is to use two-dimensional codes to connect enterprises and consumers through the contact point with the highest frequency of contact between products and consumers. The application of one-object-one-code technology creates a new communication medium. Enterprises turn lubricating oil into media contacts, and quickly pass the brand to consumers through QR codes. Customers scan the QR code on the product and give feedback to Brand owner data to form an effective connection between brands and consumers. Provide a variety of marketing activities for online management and control of data such as terminal stores and marketing expenses. One product, one code marketing of lubricating oil realizes brand promotion, store empowerment and channel benefit binding. Real-time online write-off can be carried out through process design, and terminal stores and users can communicate and interact online, highlighting the diversified value of offline scenarios. Actively promote the dynamic sales rate of stores, effectively reach a wide range of consumer groups, and continuously improve brand influence. The digital marketing platform enables consumers who are interested in repeat purchases to quickly make decisions through one item, one code marketing, resulting in a sales transformation. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extended reading One item, one code creative marketing plan, to achieve product sales growth and one item, one code marketing, brands can directly communicate with consumers!
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