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One product, one code marketing operation platform to improve the first purchase rate and repurchase rate

by:Fullgo     2022-11-02
Marketing automation makes promotions more flexible: custom campaign templates, multiple campaign formats, and multiple campaigns in parallel. Marketing: The integration of public resources, the effective use of resources and platform interactive play, and the continuous operation of customers. Obtain brand-related information and participate in online activities, obtain exchange coupons to unlock rights according to the instructions of the activity rules, and then go to offline stores for online verification and receive activities products of the same specification. Starting from multiple links such as information collection of write-off personnel, optimized management of terminal stores, consumers receiving awards, and write-off of write-off personnel, the operation difficulty of each link is minimized, and the enthusiasm for prize collection and write-off is fully stimulated. Event management empowerment has greatly improved consumers’ sense of participation and experience, cultivated fan groups, established private domain traffic pools, and enhanced consumers’ stickiness to brands. It provides functions such as scanning code to send red envelopes, anti-counterfeiting traceability, points mall, big data analysis and other functions, allowing enterprises to realize Internet-based operations and open up new development prospects with intelligent marketing methods. When the scene needs to be motivated, the code activity attribute, that is, the activity value, can be given, such as: activity time, winning probability, prize information, participation strategy, etc., through the activity attribute to meet the needs of the scene. QR code marketing can also realize the form of offline traffic drainage + online secondary distribution. Consumers who buy products offline through offline terminal stores can scan the code to participate in activities to receive red envelopes, and they will be guided to join the brand before receiving the red envelopes. 's online points store. Achieving Efficiency Growth with Rewards QR Code Display--->Consumer mobile phone scan code--->Earn rewards--->Confirmation of exchange method--->Fast delivery of gifts--->Enterprise precision secondary marketing. By giving each product a unique QR code, the communication boundary between the brand and each consumer is opened up. Consumers' participation and sense of experience, cultivate fan groups, establish private domain traffic pools, and enhance consumers' stickiness to the brand. The marketing and operation platform of one product, one code, has penetrated the market for one product, one code marketing entrance, such as: scanning code to receive red envelopes, big turntable, points exchange for gifts and other interactive marketing methods, which greatly improves the enthusiasm of consumers. The prizes in the Points Mall include: red envelopes, phone bills, coupons, physical prizes, etc. The prizes are rich and varied, and the configuration is flexible and free.
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