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One product, one code marketing plan, directly controlling the promotion process

by:Fullgo     2023-01-22
Foreword: The product uses a one-item-one-code marketing system and various marketing activities to guide more consumers to participate, thereby increasing the product repurchase rate. Consumers receive red envelopes by scanning the code, and points are exchanged for gifts, which greatly increases consumers' recognition of the brand. Increased exposure builds a bridge of interaction and communication between manufacturers and terminals, which can activate consumers’ willingness to purchase through strategies such as red envelopes, points, cash, and physical objects, and increase sales and repurchase. Marketing content not only includes cash red envelopes, but also tier rights, points, coupons, resources, etc. Through market research, the rewards can be more directly appealing to people's hearts and achieve better results. The marketing plan for one product, one code, creates a good market sales environment. Based on the process of consumers receiving rewards - brand issuing rewards - stores/shopping guides, and consumers receiving rewards at the same time, sales and marketing rewards are used to promote products in stores in reverse. The company's precise secondary marketing enhances consumers' desire to buy, effectively improves terminal sales, and stimulates consumers' desire to buy with the help of the discount of scanning the code to receive red envelopes, which greatly increases product sales. Through the code issuing function of the QR code marketing platform, the product is given a unique identity code, starting from the identity data of the smallest unit, and provides basic data for subsequent logistics tracking and interactive marketing. One item, one code runs through every link of the entire supply chain, connects consumers, and through the one item, one code technology, helps brand owners to seamlessly connect channel providers, offline terminals, and consumers, and precipitate real and high-value behaviors, transactions, and scenarios. data to feed back brand decisions. The establishment of a complete marketing system, one item, one code marketing campaign, establishes a good interactive bridge with users, drives market sales, and at the same time maximizes the exposure of the brand's value. One-thing-one-code marketing system can increase product sales, attract consumers to participate in various novel marketing activities, and directly reach end consumers and key people through diversified means. Consumers can get a random red envelope reward, and the red envelope activities of the one item, one code marketing system can guide consumers to pay attention to the brand’s official account, share the red envelope, scan the code to check the authenticity and so on. Through the marketing and promotion method of one item, one code, no matter in the world, it can achieve zero distance between enterprises and consumers. Real-time monitoring of background data, according to the data feedback of marketing activities, enterprises can adjust marketing strategies in real time to avoid high cost of marketing activities.
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