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One product, one code marketing system for electronic products, greatly improving the efficiency of write-offs

by:Fullgo     2023-01-13
Controlling retail terminals to stimulate consumers to buy and scan codes through the 'reward on the code' activity, stimulate terminal retail outlets to do marketing, avoid middlemen interception, and increase sales as a whole. Assist enterprises to better build and implement big data marketing channels for one object, one code, including key person marketing implementation, store dealer management and incentive data, establish an electronic product marketing model, and accumulate digital assets for a long time. One item, one code red envelope marketing system helps brands connect with consumers by giving each electronic product a unique QR code, carry out a variety of marketing activities, and carry out smart marketing combined with prize verification, store management system, etc. Management to help brands achieve terminal boosting. Tracking marketing effects and transforming into one code, one object, one code digital marketing, this marketing method relies on the QR code attached to the product packaging or coupons, and the QR code is generated and attached to the electronic product, and the data is saved to the server at the same time . The marketing system of one item, one code for electronic products builds a product application system based on the whole-cycle management of users, assists brand owners to accumulate valuable users, promotes the repurchase of old customers, and improves brand loyalty. By analyzing customer scan code data, enterprises can control the attention of different marketing modules and assist enterprises to optimize and adjust marketing modules. You can set the repeatability of numbers, the time period of the lottery, the number of lotteries, etc. through the management background to control the cost of prizes and management specifications. Dynamically adjust the marketing strategy according to the data report to give the product a unique identity code, starting from the identity data of the smallest unit, to provide basic data for subsequent logistics tracking and interactive marketing. Interactive marketing gameplay greatly improves consumers' sense of participation and experience, cultivates fan groups, establishes private domain traffic pools, and enhances consumers' stickiness to the brand. Build a bridge of interaction and communication between manufacturers and terminals, which can activate consumers' willingness to purchase through strategies such as red envelopes, points, cash, and physical objects, and increase sales and repurchase. Improve consumers' favorability and stickiness of brands, retain consumers, continue to provide customers with services, and turn every product into a distribution channel to achieve precise marketing. It can effectively assist enterprises to promote and acquire customers and achieve sales growth; it will continue to provide enterprises with digital marketing product support and overall digital marketing solutions.
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