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One product, one code, personalized marketing to increase brand exposure

by:Fullgo     2022-11-24
Helping companies create value-based interactive marketing methods has greatly improved consumers' sense of participation and experience, cultivated fan groups, established private domain traffic pools, and enhanced consumers' stickiness to the brand. It provides a strong basis for marketing expansion and traffic realization. With one item and one code as the marketing entrance, it attracts consumers to buy through activities, provides various forms of marketing activities for enterprises, and can also launch promotional activities. The one-thing-one-code technology breaks channel barriers and takes data as the core to realize the seamless connection between people, goods, markets and publicity, allowing consumers to become the starting point of marketing again, thus helping brands achieve a closed-loop intelligent marketing. The company has data and information to analyze market demand, adjust marketing promotion management decisions, and do secondary market sales, making management and control easier and more convenient. Expand marketing channels, open up the after-sales market, and carry out brand promotion and product marketing activities more conveniently and directly with the one-item-one-code marketing system. Maximize the profit of brand owners, help more brands to realize the whole chain of brand sales through integrated marketing of one item and one code, obtain better marketing effects, help brand owners' products to quickly seize the market, and spread among consumers, Increase product sales and repurchase rates. Open up the online marketing entrance of enterprises, quickly establish the interaction between enterprises and consumers, provide multi-scenario marketing solutions as the basis, help brands personalized marketing, obtain traffic, fans, and consumption data through intelligent marketing, and enhance brand market influence. One product, one code, personalized marketing, optimize consumer experience, enhance brand image, enhance user stickiness, cultivate loyal customers, etc. While increasing the repurchase rate of consumers and increasing user stickiness, it also increases brand exposure and empowers brand owners to operate. Realize omni-channel marketing. After the entire marketing process is digitized based on product coding, data management can be performed before, during, and after marketing activities to achieve process management and risk control. Online management and control of data such as terminal stores and marketing expenses, brands can realize online marketing activities, realize user incentives, and then expand the reach of customers and collect user data. It greatly improves consumers' sense of participation and experience, cultivates fan groups, establishes private domain traffic pools, enhances consumers' stickiness to the brand, and provides customized services, allowing enterprises to understand their consumer portraits, and to better design and manage them. Rich marketing activities. The rewards of each level are based on the purchase, purchase, and code scanning of the next level, and accurately calculate the 'contribution value' of different roles in the channel to the product sales, and rebate upwards, so as to link the interests and achieve a more intelligent Automated profit sharing and serial incentives.
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