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One thing, one code BC linkage marketing value, enhance users' stickiness to the brand

by:Fullgo     2022-12-08
Let users automatically spread brand enterprises through channel investment, improve channel control ability, form channel thrust through display, etc., and boost the sales of goods in the channel, F (enterprise)-B (dealer)-b (terminal store)-C (consumer). BC integration, in a nutshell, with the advantages of small retail stores, through digital tools, while solving the marketing and digital management of B-end stores, it can also complete the connection and marketing activities of C-end consumers in the surrounding communities of small stores. distribution model. The principle of one item, one code is simple. Each product is given an 'ID number', and the key actions performed by each role in the channel on the product are recorded through the system. It is precisely because of this recording process that it provides channel operation and management. It brings great convenience and new inspiration. The connection between offline and online marketing channels is digitally empowered, making it easier for dealers to connect with users, gain revenue growth, have broad development space, achieve a win-win situation in the chain, and build a solid foundation for opening up market channels. The BC double code is experienced in the form of goods, and the goods are the contact points for connecting users, and all the data on the BC side, manufacturers (F side) and distributors (B side) are clearly visible in the background system. With one item and one code for marketing, consumers can buy with confidence, scan the code to participate in activities, draw red envelopes, and realize promotions in the interaction. One thing, one code BC linkage marketing value, realize the rich operation gameplay of product marketing activities, empower the company's efficient operation and growth, complete BC linkage marketing, and create a marketing chain that runs through the dealer B-end-terminal store small B-end-consumer C-end road. Improve customers' favorability of products With large-scale direct-to-consumer companies, the integration of BC is the general trend, and companies must evolve and upgrade their preferred means of offline business distribution models. Marketing system, marketing digitization, B of BC integration, small b, namely terminal retail store, BC integration; the landing point of digital marketing plan, focusing on product BC linkage marketing. The key to connecting the C-end depends on the willingness of the b-end. For the b-end, whether the F-end/B-end can provide sufficient benefits and bring traffic to the b-end, the bc technology is bound to the C-end. Through the 'one item, one code' technical solution, product information, marketing activities, marketing rewards, and marketing data are deposited into the QR code, which truly realizes direct access from stores to consumers. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extended reading book anti-counterfeiting labels, product authenticity identification product anti-smuggling system, full management of dealers
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