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One thing, one code digital marketing system is used on products, accurate and efficient interactive marketing

by:Fullgo     2023-02-05
The marketing solution grasps the terminal retailers in various places, scans the marketing code to realize the association with the product, and consumers scan the code to conduct anti-counterfeiting verification of the product. The one item, one code digital marketing system is used on products, enabling consumers to scan the product QR code to query product information and verify the authenticity; QR code multi-level correlation realizes product source and destination judgment; at the same time, scanning the product code can redeem awards , to achieve promotion. Empower the brand, increase product sales, and make the effect of marketing activities clearly visible, so that every marketing expense of brand owners can be spent on the cutting edge and maximize the marketing effect. By scanning the code to give incentives, channel distributors and terminal key personnel are more motivated to sell more products of this brand, thereby increasing channel sales and market share. Get more accurate data, one item, one code, product identity management, whole-process data management and control in the circulation link, whole-process information recording of the intelligent supply chain, intelligent analysis of big data, clear production inventory management and marketing effect monitoring. Based on one item, one code, the brand can realize the full-link information traceability from the process of 'product entering the store - product in store - product leaving the store', and with marketing activities, it can stimulate consumers' desire to buy and drive store sales. Promote marketing with the principle of one item, one code, and set up one item, one code activities for one item, one code activities, including: the number of red envelopes, the amount of red envelopes, the promotion area, and the probability of winning. One thing one code technology, using digital system to improve the operational efficiency of offline channels, so as to build the unique competitiveness of the brand, in order to build a foundation to build long-term barriers. A more personalized event experience is an effective way for terminal stores and dealers at all levels to stimulate the promotion of event effects and product sales. Marketing activities at different channel levels can be carried out based on the multi-level association of QR codes. The collected data can be statistically analyzed and multi-dimensionally aggregated according to user tags to form real-time marketing reports; quickly attract more users, improve the effect of marketing activities, and realize digital and intelligent activity management. Efficiently reach a wide range of consumer groups, continue to enhance brand influence, and can configure appropriate marketing activities for products. When planning marketing activities, brands can set up differentiated marketing activities based on different product portraits.
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