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One thing, one code digital solution to manage and protect the full cycle of brand products

by:Fullgo     2022-12-06
Foreword: A digital solution for one item and one code, to realize product anti-counterfeiting, marketing, anti-smuggling, and traceability; by collecting real, traceable and verifiable product unique code data, open up the supply chain, connect terminals, reach consumers, and help enterprises build The whole industry chain digital system. Anti-counterfeiting technology uses anti-counterfeiting labels for products to avoid the appearance of counterfeit products, safeguard the interests of all parties, prevent products from being counterfeited, and clearly identify genuine and fake products; anti-counterfeiting labels can achieve non-destructive, fidelity, and efficient effects. Differentiate from competitors' products, enhance brand trust, and improve the overall image of the brand. Anti-smuggling system, anti-smuggling, price control, and traceability integrated solution, one item, one code, builds a bridge for communication between consumers and enterprises. 1. Designate product sales areas for products to achieve anti-smuggling management. 2, product terminal sales price monitoring, to provide a perfect business environment for businesses. It can effectively handle a large amount of data and high-speed production lines, which is helpful for stabilizing production and improving production efficiency. The anti-smuggling system is closely related to the production line. The backend can query the list of sellers, origin, quantity, date, and product flow. , product batch and other information. The product traceability system can perform data collection, data tracking, and data analysis for all aspects of product production, warehousing, logistics, and sales, and build a product life cycle management model to effectively improve product quality and security. After the enterprise uses the traceability system, the whole process of the product can be seen at a glance. By assigning a unique code to each product, the product is scanned in and out of the warehouse, which area is currently flowing to, who is responsible for transportation management, and how long does the formal circulation process take? Time and so on, the whole process information can be known in time. One item, one code marketing system The one item, one code red envelope system can increase the enthusiasm of users to consume, increase the product purchase rate, create momentum for new products, increase the viscosity of new products for new customers, and improve the brand image. Data collection: The data sources of big data are usually diverse, and data collection can make the description of user behavior more comprehensive and accurate; consumers can quickly scan the code to obtain product information, and at the same time get a certain amount of reduction, this approach Very attractive, and it will be easier and simpler to implement.
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