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One thing, one code empowers brand marketing and improves user stickiness

by:Fullgo     2022-12-03
Accurately acquire new customers, one item, one code technology uses QR code as the carrier, intelligent marketing, scanning red envelopes, membership points and other rigid demands, and achieves good effects of sales growth, fan doubling, and marketing cost reduction. The data of consumers who purchase products are returned to the brand owners, so that the brand owners have their own user big data. Through the analysis of the user big data, the brand enterprise can always grasp the initiative of operation. One item, one code can not only solve the problem of brand content marketing, but also provide functions such as scanning code to send red envelopes, anti-counterfeiting traceability, points mall, big data analysis, etc., allowing enterprises to realize Internet-based operations and open up new development prospects with intelligent marketing methods . Establishing a relationship with users is based on the process of consumers receiving rewards - brand issuing rewards - stores/shopping guides, and consumers receiving rewards at the same time, and using sales and marketing rewards to push stores to promote products in reverse. Expanding the user group and stimulating the curiosity of consumers, brand establishment and building can achieve twice the result with half the effort, and build a bridge between brands and consumers. Let one thing and one code be closer to the scene, and make the scene marketing more accurate! The digital marketing platform enables consumers who are interested in repeat purchases to quickly make decisions through one item, one code marketing, resulting in a sales transformation. One thing, one code empowers brand marketing and helps corporate brands to complete fission and dissemination from multiple perspectives, thereby increasing the exposure and repurchase rate of corporate brands. After precipitation by fans, old customers can be retained, consumers can be increased, and the scale of the brand market can be expanded. One item, one code campaign to increase product sales. Master the initiative of operation By collecting and analyzing the data of each user who scans the QR code, gradually and clearly depict the user image, and provide big data support for the follow-up precision marketing and product development improvement. Let each product become the offline traffic entrance of the brand applet, so as to realize the transformation and precipitation of offline traffic to online, and directly help the long-term and accurate operation of corporate fans. Open up the retailer membership system, scan the code to get points and rebates after members' consumption, use point activities to improve the persistence of users, and build private domain traffic of the brand; and activate the purchasing power of members to increase the repurchase rate. Through the ability of one item and one code, it provides agents with more complete product management capabilities and more diversified marketing contacts. It is guaranteed that the enterprise can obtain the best marketing effect and effectively improve the execution efficiency of the brand's marketing activities.
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