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One thing, one code intelligent marketing platform, efficiently respond to marketing strategies

by:Fullgo     2022-12-06
Helping enterprises to create value can motivate terminal sales staff to scan the code to receive bonuses for every product sold, which can increase sales enthusiasm and increase sales. Based on the analysis of a large amount of user behavior data in the scanning activity, it is possible to gain a deeper insight into user preferences, and then optimize marketing strategies in a targeted manner to enhance the consumer participation experience. The structure of one object, one code digital marketing solution is background, product, value, and object. Through brand publicity, help enterprises and marketers to increase product sales and brand exposure. The establishment of an intelligent marketing platform for one item, one code, and real-time control of the whole process of marketing activities in the sales link, you can participate in promotional activities by scanning the code, which is convenient and fast, and can attract more customers to participate in the marketing activities. View the marketing terminal operation data at any time, intelligent marketing, scanning red envelopes, membership points and other rigid needs, to achieve good results of sales growth, fan doubling, and marketing cost reduction. The QR code directly enters the hands of consumers with the product, and they can scan the code to participate in the online marketing activities of the brand product. Every customer is an accurate user. Use one item, one code to interact with customers by sending points and red envelopes, and fundamentally realize product dynamic sales. A variety of promotional activities are carried out using the red envelope model of one item, one code, so a good marketing channel has been created. One thing, one code intelligent marketing platform, the system combines multiple functions in one code, realizes the systematic operation of corporate promotion and promotion, and integrates multiple functions on one QR code, and customers can understand the product by scanning the QR code. , to achieve secondary purchases, and a variety of enterprise-related publicity can be set up in the system. Improve brand value and consumer trust to achieve personalized marketing for target consumer groups, optimize consumer experience, enhance brand image, enhance user stickiness, cultivate loyal customers, etc. The flexible operation of points, while attracting traffic to brand private domain mini-programs, point malls, etc., in-depth user operations, and improving user stickiness. While implementing the anti-counterfeiting traceability of one object and one code, marketing elements are added to bring explosive marketing growth to products through Internet genes. Build a one-item-one-code solution to help companies quickly control consumer group data, build in-depth communication with end users, capture real brand sales data in real time, and build a large amount of consumption data. Through online small data analysis and terminal business expansion, the information advantage .
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