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One-thing-one-code marketing function display? Provide valuable marketing solutions

by:Fullgo     2022-12-04
Improve the promotion effect Through the management background, you can set the repetition of numbers, the draw time period, the number of draws, etc., to control the cost of prizes and manage the standard. It can make business behavior and terminal behavior all recordable data, and through the entire data exchange, actively promote the dynamic sales rate of the store; effectively contact a wide range of consumer groups, and continuously improve the brand influence. One thing, one code marketing system does marketing activities for products, which can enhance brand awareness, retain old customers and increase consumers after precipitation by fans. Products with anti-counterfeiting labels are convincing, and consumers have trust in the brand, which plays a role in brand promotion. Helping products to increase efficiency and convenience, increase the market share of brand products, and through the activity of scanning the code to send red envelopes, it has cultivated loyal consumers for brand owners and improved user loyalty. Starting from multiple links such as information collection of write-off personnel, optimized management of terminal stores, consumer acceptance of awards, and write-off, the enthusiasm for receiving and write-off of awards is fully stimulated. One-thing-one-code marketing function display? Answer: Drive product promotion, establish a full-cycle value system for users, connect brand owners, consumers, and products, and accumulate customer big data required by brands. One product, one code product marketing model, big data analysis function, and perfect interaction with each user through consumer portraits. Scan the code to participate in various marketing activities, carry out product marketing promotion, and create a good marketing channel. A variety of activity incentives can help brands conduct brand exposure and near-field marketing. Consumers can participate in interactions such as receiving red envelopes, coupons, and samples by scanning the marketing QR code. Online and offline marketing interactions, formulate creative marketing plans, enhance consumers' recognition of brand owners, enhance product image, and increase customer stickiness. Realize product marketing activities, open up multi-data docking, and big data marketing; optimize experience, increase participation rate, and set targeted prizes according to product characteristics and consumer groups. Marketing promotion: Through in-store material promotion and product packaging promotion, consumers scan the QR code to complete the questionnaire, and can receive cash red envelopes, physical rewards, and other virtual rewards online. One object, one code and two-dimensional code marketing, using the two-dimensional code as the entrance to build a set of traceability and marketing tools for the entire industry chain for production enterprises, to stimulate consumers' impulse to participate and stimulate their participation and interaction.
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