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One thing, one code marketing functions and advantages, realizing data collection and analysis

by:Fullgo     2022-12-05
In the scan code activity to reduce operating costs, material rewards are used in combination with more refined gameplay strategies to encourage users to continue to participate in the activity and improve repurchase conversion. One-thing-one-code marketing, starting from the needs of consumers, chooses suitable scanning strategies and prizes that consumers like, successfully triggering users' 'emotions' and enhancing consumers' goodwill towards product brands. Increase the repeat purchase rate, improve customer data analysis, and improve the effect of dynamic sales. Promotional merchants can make targeted and precise layouts for different products, regions, consumer groups, and shopping scenarios to achieve precise promotions. One object, one code marketing functions and advantages, establish two-way communication channels for consumers, and obtain real market feedback and suggestions. At the same time, on the basis of analyzing and mining consumer big data, it can draw consumer portraits, and grasp the situation of fraudulent goods interception in real time. , to ensure that the enterprise is in charge of the dealers and stores. To achieve precision marketing, after the entire marketing process is digitized based on product coding, data management can be carried out on the front, middle and late stages of marketing activities to achieve process management and risk control. The QR code on the product packaging becomes the traffic portal for consumers and enterprises to interact and communicate. Consumers scan the code to participate in marketing activities. Through the collection and analysis of the user data of each scanned code, the user portrait is clearly depicted, which is the basis for subsequent precision marketing. 、Provide big data support for product R&D improvement. One thing, one code marketing functions and advantages, the platform helps companies to change the decision-making power of consumers from a physical product to a line, a linear product, from product selection, to product purchase, to follow-up services, repeat purchases The whole process makes consumers more willing to participate in it. Improve sales revenue and transform product marketing into one item, one code, achieve personalized marketing for target consumer groups, optimize customer consumption experience, enhance brand image, enhance user stickiness, cultivate loyal customers, etc. The system combines multiple functions in one code to realize simultaneous promotion and promotion of enterprises A variety of corporate-related publicity. Extend the anti-counterfeiting marketing function of enterprise products to protect the interests of the enterprise brand and the rights and interests of consumers. One thing, one code marketing system is adapted to mobile Internet and digital marketing, and helps corporate brands to complete fission and dissemination from multiple perspectives, increasing the exposure and repurchase rate of corporate brands.
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