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One thing, one code marketing model to achieve interaction with users

by:Fullgo     2022-12-04
Attract consumers to scan the code marketing model, improve efficiency, enhance fun, and let consumers have a new understanding of brands and products. Through the implementation of one-item-one-code marketing, it will bring long-term help and influence. One thing, one code empowers the terminal to mobilize the power of the terminal, connect more consumers, obtain more omni-channel user resources, and transform users from the public domain to the private domain to build brand-specific marketing efficiency growth model. Visualization of consumer data, user portraits, and product data to help companies formulate marketing strategies. The one-thing-one-code marketing model allows brand owners to empower shopping guides and terminal stores to attract traffic to the brand, and then introduce online traffic to offline, convert traffic into sales, open up online and offline channels, and feed back product sales in terminal stores. Make marketing activities more precise product marketing activities, build consumer-centered promotional activities, make consumers willing to participate and call, and build multi-dimensional communication and market monitoring. It can help cooperative brands to promote brand information while distributing marketing rewards, so that every marketing expense of the brand becomes a marketing entrance, strengthen user awareness, and tap the value of traffic. Online management and control of data such as terminal stores and marketing expenses, brands can realize online marketing activities, so that each marketing activity can achieve the important purpose of integrating product and effect, and achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase. Using one item, one code technology to market branded products, consumers can learn more product information and company information through product marketing activities. After consumers understand, they will actively help companies forward marketing activities, expand brand awareness, and increase product exposure. Spend. Carry out digital management and mobile marketing to improve the digital operation capabilities of offline stores, build digital and intelligent shopping guides, empower stores to upgrade intelligently, and achieve breakthrough growth in performance. Assist enterprises to grasp the opportunities of personalized consumers, control the market sales status, build zero-distance, one-to-one marketing activities, and complete the consumption expansion of the market. Consumers can scan the QR code after purchase through packaging and product QR codes (one code for one item), and directly deliver flexible and customizable marketing programs such as cash red envelopes, lottery draws, and games. Standardized, online, and visualized digital marketing solutions based on one item, one code technology to improve the efficiency of personnel at all levels within the channel. The application of the one item, one code marketing system can effectively collect the specific information of the users participating in the activity, and only after submitting the information can the prizes be received.
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