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One thing, one code marketing skills, you can enjoy data benefits

by:Fullgo     2022-12-05
Precise promotions use cash red envelopes, points and rebates as prizes, platform drainage, improve user stickiness, establish a big data platform, support digital user operations, and lay the foundation for secondary marketing. There are physical rewards and points mall rewards to choose from, to meet diverse needs, and to redeem rewards more quickly, based on customer experience, based on user development, improve user repurchase rate, brand recognition and repurchase stickiness, to achieve The comprehensive competitiveness of commodities has been improved. Allow consumers to enjoy a cash rebate that is 'ready to use', and also allow users to have a 'good impression' of the brand, enhance impressions, and personalize interactive marketing activities. By improving the entire chain of consumers' purchase behavior experience, it can promote consumption Brand recognition and favorability. Online interactive drainage of one item, one code marketing technique, a simple, direct and interesting QR code marketing method, is more attractive, drives product sales, and increases the repurchase rate, which is a kind of publicity for brands. According to the presentation forms and marketing methods of different products, we should seize the key points, diversify the promotion, and use a variety of incentive measures to enhance customers' awareness of products, understanding of brand recognition, and repurchase. One item, one code, to help brands connect with consumers, build core competitiveness, and attach the only QR code to each product. As long as consumers participate in the scanning activity, more customers can be attracted to participate in marketing activities. . Through the direct connection between enterprises and consumers through one thing and one code, more intermediate links are removed, enterprise costs are reduced, and consumer experience is improved; personalized marketing for target consumer groups can be achieved, consumers’ consumption experience will be optimized, and brand image will be enhanced. , cultivate loyal customers and more. Establish a marketing promotion closed-loop control to deeply manage users, reward consumers, and enhance user stickiness. Brands reward shopping guides and improve shopping guide loyalty. Shopping guides and consumers can fission products and activities. Provide enterprises with appropriate marketing plans, help brand owners to increase efficiency and convenience, help corporate brands to complete fission and dissemination from multiple perspectives, and increase the exposure and repurchase rate of corporate brands. The data including consumption behavior is automatically aggregated, and a comprehensive portrait of consumers and corresponding portraits of agents and dealers is obtained, so that enterprises can more easily achieve secondary promotions. According to the different regions of consumers and different consumption periods, the background can be adjusted in real time, and the winning ratio and prizes can also be adjusted in time according to holidays to ensure the best promotion effect. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extended reading One item, one yard FMCG marketing, increase the re-purchase one item, one yard marketing function, and improve the effect of product marketing activities
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