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One thing, one code marketing solution provider, Shanghai Zhongshang Network

by:Fullgo     2022-12-26
Created marketing activities Moments Marketing: With the help of WeChat's sharing, fission, and dissemination capabilities, the social value of users can be brought into full play, and the company's Moments marketing capabilities can be enhanced. Through a series of marketing activities, the interaction between consumers and brands can be strengthened until the entire marketing network is controlled, data is acquired and managed from the entire channel chain, the real data of each node is mastered, and a network structure is formed to make market decisions more transparent. One thing, one code marketing solution provider - Shanghai Zhongshang Network, can formulate differentiated marketing strategies for different products, regions, groups of people and other multi-dimensional markets, help enterprises segment the market, meet different market needs, and achieve accurate Marketing. The establishment of a good relationship starts from multiple links such as information collection of write-off personnel, optimized management of terminal stores, consumers receiving awards, and write-off of write-off personnel, etc., so as to minimize the operation difficulty of each link and fully stimulate the incentives for prize collection and write-off. positivity. One item, one code is used in product marketing, which can attract consumers to scan the code and upload data, and the consumption data of each consumer can be obtained through the background system to form systematic consumption big data, and then form consumer portraits. It helps brands connect with consumers and carry out a variety of marketing activities. At the same time, the massive data brought by scanning codes can help brands generate valuable potential consumers, and brands can conduct precise marketing accordingly, thereby enhancing personalized user experience. Amplify the role of marketing activities and assign different capabilities and attributes to codes for different scenarios, that is, scenario values, such as anti-counterfeiting scenarios, marketing scenarios, anti-smuggling scenarios, and traceability scenarios. The integrated marketing solution allows each product to be marketed by the merchant, one code for each product, ensuring the uniqueness of the QR code, scanning the code for shopping to receive awards, and buying more, scanning more and receiving more. Digital management marketing helps brands achieve leapfrog development, realize online and offline two-way marketing, and integrate corporate resources. Encourage shopping guides to be proactive and give priority to recommending products from brand owners, and strive to sell more products and get more commissions. Every innovation will allow the brand to know more about consumers and give more feedback to products; always adhere to the consumer-centric approach, with parallel products, channels and marketing. One item, one code marketing system can not only increase sales and acquire users, but also build an enterprise big data engine. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extended reading One item, one yard FMCG marketing, increase the re-purchase one item, one yard marketing function, and improve the effect of product marketing activities
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