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One thing one code marketing system solution to improve service quality

by:Fullgo     2022-12-03
All-scenario marketing gradually and clearly depicts user images by collecting and analyzing the data of each user who scans the QR code, providing big data support for subsequent precision marketing and product R&D improvement. Enterprises can integrate and organize marketing user data, digitize online and offline marketing models for users, integrate enterprise resources, online precision marketing, and offline consumption guidance. One item, one code is based on the new technology of QR code, developed for the customization turned over by enterprises, making the work process more convenient. Optimize the experience and increase the participation rate. Set targeted prizes according to product characteristics and consumer groups. Repeated purchase rate, customer data analysis, dynamic sales effect, etc., promotion merchants can make targeted and precise layouts for different products, regions, consumer groups and consumption scenarios, so as to achieve precise promotions. Consumers and enterprises are directly connected to the one product, one code and two-dimensional code marketing solution. Through the supply chain between products, orders, dealers, stores, etc., key information is established, and novel marketing plans are formulated to attract consumers to participate. One object, one code marketing system solution, through which precise incentives can be realized in multiple scenarios and roles; and a very important point: online, visualized, intelligent, and refined management of channel marketing expenses. Through the marketing data of one item and one code, you can understand the sales situation of products in real time, so that the marketing funds of manufacturers and brands can reach consumers directly. Consumers can scan the code after purchasing through the packaging and product QR codes (one item, one code). Directly deliver flexible and customizable marketing programs such as cash red envelopes, lottery draws, and games. Promote the recognition of the brand. Through the digital marketing of one product, one code and two-dimensional code, the enterprise can arouse the impulse of consumers to participate, stimulate consumers to participate in the interaction, and thus promote product promotion. Brand product one product one code marketing solution, screening users and optimizing publicity and marketing strategies, improving marketing accuracy and user acceptance, and making marketing activities more in line with user psychology. The digital marketing platform enables consumers who are interested in repeat purchases to quickly make decisions through one-item-one-code marketing, resulting in sales transformation. Stand out among many competing products, increase product sales, realize the privatization of user assets, and build private domain traffic.
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