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One thing one code QR code marketing principle, open up the interaction from online to offline

by:Fullgo     2022-12-26
Diversify promotions. Enterprises can set up role distinctions in the background, conduct data analysis through the collection of scanning code information for different roles, understand the sales of market products, and achieve more accurate marketing. 'One item, one code' attaches a unique QR code to the product as an identity identifier. By scanning the code, the brand directly establishes a connection with the user to form a product marketing portal. Helping enterprises to acquire customers through QR code marketing can bring outstanding effects and value to partners. All business behaviors and terminal behaviors can become recordable data, and through the entire data exchange, one item, one code marketing is used to promote the sales of various products, so as to achieve brand promotion, store empowerment and channel interest binding. Process design for real-time online verification and online communication and interaction between terminal stores and users. The value of the core one-thing-one-code marketing to enhance users' purchase intention is to serve as a bridge to connect enterprises and consumers, and through interactive rebates, increase the company's product sales, improve brand awareness and consumer repurchase rates. Taking code marketing as the starting point, through interaction with consumers and marketing activities, it continuously accumulates user data for precise marketing, promotes consumers' continuous activity, retention, repurchase and conversion, and helps enterprises quickly achieve low-cost customer acquisition, digital transformation, and online sales. Shanghua marketing helps enterprises grow rapidly. The marketing principle of one item, one code and two-dimensional code helps enterprises to manage marketing and data, and the linkage marketing model with consumers makes the user operation effect obvious and effectively improves the user experience. With the setup of the loyalty points membership marketing system, points can be spent as money, thereby increasing the conversion rate of fans and enhancing the stickiness between products and consumers. Scan the code to participate in online marketing activities to understand the status quo of user feedback and activity participation, effectively adjust marketing strategies, and optimize and control marketing plans. Operational flexibility and controllability of all marketing activities are improved. The key to cultivating users into fans is to increase user participation, flexibly adjust according to the real-time market effect, and make marketing activities more accurate and effective. On the one-thing-one-code marketing platform, you can see real-time activity data, see the status of users receiving awards during the activity, and obtain some basic information about customers, helping enterprises to improve their marketing efficiency. Through various marketing methods and points to operate users, improve user stickiness and user loyalty to the brand, thereby increasing the sales of the brand.
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