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One thing, one code red envelope marketing, formulate marketing incentive strategies

by:Fullgo     2022-12-05
Introduction: Through the one-item-one-code system, companies can clearly understand the data of consumers, and the status of activity funds is also clear at a glance. It is precisely targeted to consumer groups, and sales records are constantly being broken. Demand automatic connection Using one item, one code marketing, merchants can set identity/role to effectively control the winning crowd; distribute red envelopes to different roles such as consumers, shopping guides, agents, etc., and can also set a certain area to receive red envelopes for customers. One-thing-one-code red envelope marketing creates a unique QR code ID card for each smallest sales unit of the product, and the one-thing-one-code red envelope system can do precise marketing for channel dealers, stores, shopping guides, and consumers with different roles excitation. The huge customer group forms intelligent marketing big data through the interaction of QR code and merchants, such as: repeat purchase rate, customer data analysis, dynamic sales effect, etc. Through one item, one code red envelope marketing, consumers can scan the code to receive red envelopes, follow the company's official account to guide consumption, increase the probability of repeated consumption, and increase more consumers. In line with the development of the times, when consumers scan the code, they can relatively know the consumer's regional information, purchase frequency information, activity participation, etc., which can well allow merchants to do promotion and other marketing activities. The code and the code can complete any association, and can complete the delivery incentives for the terminal stores according to the requirements of the enterprise, improve the unpacking rate of shipments, improve the enthusiasm of shopping guides to sell goods, increase the first purchase rate of consumers, and the rate of product repurchase. One item, one code red envelope marketing, by giving each product a unique QR code, helps brands to connect with consumers and carry out a variety of marketing activities. At the same time, the massive data brought by scanning the code can help brands generate effective potential consumers of value. Precisely launch one-item-one-code intelligent marketing for consumer groups, save manpower and material resources in offline links, and automatically collect consumer user portraits, formulate targeted marketing plans, and increase the repurchase rate. Promotional merchants can make targeted and precise layouts for different products, regions, consumer groups and consumption scenarios, so as to achieve precise promotions. Through the construction of a dense dealer network, the diversification and wide coverage of channels are achieved, and differentiated marketing strategies and product strategies are formulated in combination with the characteristics of consumption scenarios, so as to deepen the penetration of the sales market. One item, one code red envelopes are widely used in marketing. Scan the QR code to receive cash red envelopes. Interesting brands can conduct precise marketing accordingly, thereby enhancing the personalized user experience.
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