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One thing, one code technology for product marketing, guide users to participate in marketing activities

by:Fullgo     2022-12-06
Increase product sales Through marketing digital technology, marketing behavior and consumer behavior can all become recordable data, and through the entire data exchange, the subversive optimization and upgrade of the marketing system can be achieved. Scan code to do activities, point store, and incentive marketing can be completed through one item, one code marketing, and help merchants connect with consumers, obtain user data, build user portraits, provide a basis for marketing decisions, and conduct targeted marketing. One-thing-one-code personalized marketing enables products not only to be sold by a single method, but also through product anti-counterfeiting codes and allowing consumers to participate in the marketing activities set up by the enterprise, the brand obtains user data, realizes the personalized upgrade of the marketing system, and improves the popularity of the product. Help companies increase product sales. Brands reward shopping guides with one item, one code technology for product marketing, real-time viewing of data, providing marketing analysis, and providing a basis for business decision-making; cross-border marketing, various promotional activities, three-dimensional marketing, drainage, and increase corporate sales. Establish a marketing system for one item and one code. Manufacturers can establish in-depth connections between manufacturers and consumers by integrating products, red envelopes, distribution, following official accounts, and interactive marketing. They can master first-hand marketing big data, reduce marketing costs, and achieve precision marketing. Using one item, one code technology to show better marketing effects, you can flexibly and diversify a variety of activity incentives to plan marketing activities for key people, so that consumers can better understand products and brands, enhance customer stickiness, and achieve Resource Integration. Targeted development of marketing plans to complete a series of marketing, attracting fans, brand promotion, helping enterprises to complete digital transformation, rebuilding the sales scene of people, goods, and markets, and attracting more consumers. Accurately divert product traffic to terminal stores, bring effective performance growth to the brand through cross-border traffic sharing and cooperation, match marketing scenarios, allow users to repurchase, enable customers to accurately obtain repurchase rewards, and achieve brand loyalty. Deliver accurately. One-thing-one-code technology does marketing for products. Brand owners use various marketing methods and points to operate users, so as to improve user stickiness and customer loyalty to the brand, thereby increasing brand sales; Form, can provide store-side purchase rate, shelf rate, consumer dynamic sales, resulting in direct product sales growth.
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