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by:Fullgo     2023-01-21
At present, there are three types of online coding and labeling cashier software. One is mainly based on simple cash register, most of which are used by small and medium supermarkets or private stores; the other is semi-automatic cash register software used by medium and large supermarkets; The third type of formal online coding and labeling software specifically refers to the automatic cash register robot, which can provide services from the perspective of artificial intelligence. 1. Primary cash register software The market price of primary cash register software is about 100 yuan. It is the predecessor of online code and label cash register software. The earlier primary cash register software only has functions such as checking accounts and calculations, which can be similar to large computers. Generally speaking, the functions of the earlier general-purpose primary cash register software are relatively simple, and currently only used by some small supermarkets or individual merchants, and most large supermarkets have eliminated this kind of cash register software. 2. Semi-intelligent cash register Semi-intelligent cash register is a new type of software that is different from traditional cash register software, and is generally used in small and medium-sized shopping malls. The price of this kind of online coding, labeling, and cashier software is slightly higher, but it can save most people from spending a lot of money, so it was also known as the mainstream in the earlier online coding, labeling, and cashier software, and there are still many The semi-intelligent online coding, labeling, and cashier software used in supermarkets is no different from the new software except for the functional gap. 3. The artificial intelligence software has a good brand and high-quality online coding and labeling. The software has strong technical advantages. The modern online coding and labeling cash register software is artificial intelligence software. At the same time, it also includes various complex cash register systems, so the online code labeling and labeling cash register software can not only be used as an ordinary cash register, but also can build a cash register system to make the department store cashier more comfortable. Smart software is quite popular. Therefore, it is recommended to choose artificial intelligence software in the online code labeling and labeling cash register software, which can create an enterprise's exclusive mobile customer cash register system, and is driven by data and contains rich modern market management wisdom. In the process of operation, the degree of manual participation has been significantly reduced, and the reduction in the value of manual activities indicates that the online coding and labeling cashier software has officially entered the track of unmanned operation, and the online coding and labeling cashier software will be filled with a greater role.
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