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Open a new era of code Internet marketing and realize the full traceability of products_Product traceability-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-Counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2022-10-24
The whole process of product traceability traces back to the new model of product marketing in the Internet era. Now many companies have launched a series of anti-counterfeiting, traceability, geographical indication services, etc. Mode, attach unique labels, QR codes and traceability numbers to products, and trace the source of the whole process, from the place of origin to the distributor to the retailer, and then to the consumer. By scanning the code to achieve anti-counterfeiting and traceability management, consumers of such products will be more assured to buy. One item, one code not only needs to meet the functional anti-counterfeiting traceability requirements, but also the entire label should be more harmonious with the appearance of the product packaging. The label should be designed in a simple and atmospheric way, adding a corporate trademark, and at the same time, an obvious anti-counterfeiting pattern should be attached to prevent others from copying. It can prevent counterfeiting and copying simply from the appearance. The label code should include the QR code anti-counterfeiting and QR code number, and match the company's trademark logo. After scanning the code, consumers can enter the anti-counterfeiting code to check whether the purchased product is true or false, and the query system for scanning the code login is also An important part of the entire code Internet marketing, this query system must not only be able to visually display the authenticity of the product, but also directly display the various links of the product from production to sales after the consumer scans the code for verification, and the product is traceable throughout the whole process. Scan the code directly to add it every time you go to a place. Through this source code traceability, not only can safety be warned, the flow direction can be tracked, information can be queried, responsibilities can be identified, and products can be retrieved, which greatly improves the competitiveness of product quality, and can also be achieved through one item, one code. Establish and realize the refined management of products, from packaging to logistics, from warehousing to sales, all participants, product transportation, etc. can be managed and tracked through this small traceable source code, product traceability throughout the process is not only for consumers. Being responsible is a great improvement to the production quality and management efficiency of the enterprise.
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