We offer one stop solutions for tamper evident products.

Our advantage

Tamper Evident Products Factory Original Manufacturer Quality Control Stable Supply Chain

If you want to find diversified tamper evident solutions for your brand, we can offer appropriate customized project design according to your brand culture, depended on our sufficient experience.
If you have a printing house and process with imported materials, we have enough production capability which guarantee an abundant quantity, also a stable quality with our serious control.
If you are doing trading business and want to find a supplier, we are able to manufacture various products as requirements, to be a stable supply chain.




Qualified Brand ----- Be honest, we are not a famous brand in the international market, like 3M. We started late, but we started surefooted, one step by one step. Quality means a lot to us, which is the first step to be remarkable.


Smooth Communication ----- It is heard there was an example that one customer preferred a more expensive trading company than a factory, because of bad communication. I totally understand, even when we shop in a supermarket, we want to buy things happily, to say nothing of purchasing overseas.


Experienced Technicist ----- During the production process, operation of glue is a key factor. Not because it is difficult, but needs familiarity. We can train a new technicist in a short time, but being experienced needs patience and appropariate management.


Stable Production Control ----- The probability of bad quality products is the enemy for manufacturers. We can't say we are a superman and can make 100% perfectly, but at least we try to make it 99%.


Whole Process Follow Up ----- Before orders, we communicate fully, offer detailed information as much as we can, avoid any misunderstanding; During orders, we follow it, keep production state updated; After orders, we take serious care of shipment and give an ear to customer's feedback.


Long-term Business Inclination ----- One-off business is not our purpose. We don't want to take money, offer poor quality products, and gone. If we do this, you can leave comments under our YouTube videos, also FaceBook and Twitter pages. We go after long-time cooperation, economizing to avoid running short.


Why Purchase from China? ----- First of all, no offending, as far as we're concerned, the cost performance in China is suitable, and the business environment is stable. We-Fullgo, if it is possible, sincerely invite and welcome you to visit our factory, to give your precious advices. From Shenzhen Airport, 1 hour and 15 minutes by car; From HongKong Lok Ma Chau / Futian Checkpoint, 1 hour and 25 minutes by car.


Our products have passed TÜV, SGS, CTI testings and we have got corresponding certificates from them, which gave us an important recognition. Still we continue to optimize production process and products details to improve our overall strength, from which we can offer better products and services to our customers.


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