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Points to pay attention to when using anti-counterfeiting labels_Anti-counterfeiting labels-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2022-11-13
In order to better trace the source of the product and let consumers know the specific production, transportation and sales information of the product more directly, most manufacturers will put anti-counterfeiting labels on the products before leaving the factory. This kind of anti-counterfeiting stickers can be regarded as That is, after scanning the ID card of the product, consumers can clearly know all the information of the product. Manufacturers should strictly follow the key points of use when using such anti-counterfeiting stickers, otherwise the identity information of the product is prone to errors and consumer complaints will increase. 1. Set up corresponding anti-counterfeiting stickers for different products. Manufacturers use security line anti-counterfeiting stickers mainly to trace the ins and outs of products more conveniently and increase consumers' confidence in the safety of products. Usually the product produced by the manufacturer is more than one model and one style. Therefore, when using anti-counterfeiting stickers, we must pay attention to setting corresponding anti-counterfeiting stickers for different products. The information between each anti-counterfeiting sticker cannot be coded. Check the check data. Especially when a manufacturer produces products of the same type but different specifications, the accuracy of the data should be carefully checked to avoid such low-level problems. 2. For anti-counterfeiting stickers, it should be updated in real time. Laser anti-counterfeiting sticker manufacturers suggest that product manufacturers should update anti-counterfeiting stickers in real time according to the difference of products. If the product has new logistics information after logistics, then It should be updated to the anti-counterfeiting sticker in time, so that consumers can know the stage information of the product in real time, and the manufacturer can also accurately know the specific situation of the product. If the anti-counterfeiting stickers are not updated in real time, the manufacturers or consumers may not be able to accurately know the product information, resulting in the occurrence of unsalable products. At present, the main purpose of using anti-counterfeiting stickers on the market is to facilitate consumers to obtain product information and improve the efficiency of sales. Therefore, in order to ensure the timeliness and accuracy of consumers' access to information, it is recommended that manufacturers pay attention to the above two points when using anti-counterfeiting stickers , for anti-counterfeiting stickers to be updated in real time and to make more detailed divisions for different products.
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