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Produce anti-counterfeiting labels to solve the problem of counterfeiting

by:Fullgo     2023-01-14
Verification of authenticity is convenient and fast. Anti-counterfeiting labels are suitable for sticking materials, label viscosity, glue, no wrinkles and no warping edges. Consumers can trace the source of the product by querying the anti-counterfeiting label, which is also a kind of protection for the company's brand. Customize the overall anti-counterfeiting solution for brand products, produce anti-counterfeiting labels, assign a code to each product, a product corresponds to a logo, and store exclusive product information in the label, consumers can scan the code to identify the authenticity after purchasing the product. Anti-counterfeiting label customization According to enterprise needs, anti-counterfeiting skills, label materials, product packaging and other factors, custom planning anti-counterfeiting solutions, printing and producing two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting labels, and posting the labels on the outer packaging of products, customers can distinguish true Counterfeit products, suppress fakes on the market. Enhance brand trust Shanghai Zhongshang Network makes anti-counterfeiting labels for products, achieves anti-counterfeiting effect, resists counterfeit goods on the market, easily identifies true and false products, safeguards the interests of all parties, and creates a healthy and good sales market. Anti-counterfeiting technology product: refers to the product with anti-counterfeiting function made with anti-counterfeiting technology for the purpose of anti-counterfeiting. Anti-counterfeiting strength: refers to the persistence and reliability of the function of identifying authenticity and imitation and counterfeiting. The appearance of the anti-counterfeiting label on the product is intact, and customers can identify the authenticity of the product after prompting. The text and color of the scratch layer change with the angle, and the appearance is more upscale; it is resistant to friction and damage, and it is not easy to be worn during transportation; the label scratches have no residue and will not contaminate fingers or labels. The use of anti-counterfeiting labels is an enterprise's confidence in its own products, a guarantee of product quality, and a responsible attitude to consumers. Improve the image of brand products. Before the products leave the factory, each product will be given an anti-counterfeiting identification code and pasted on the packaging. Consumers can scan the authenticity of the product, thereby reducing counterfeiting and shoddy. Encrypted anti-counterfeiting labels can not only prevent counterfeit and shoddy products from occupying the market, but also protect the brand image of genuine products, deepen the favorability and trust of consumers, and increase the market share of products. Anti-counterfeiting technology: refers to the technology adopted for the purpose of anti-counterfeiting, which can accurately identify the authenticity within a certain range and is not easy to be imitated and copied. Make anti-counterfeiting labels, protect the brand, and easily verify the authenticity. Anti-counterfeiting: refers to measures to prevent imitation or reproduction without the permission of the owner for the purpose of deception. The significance of anti-counterfeiting labels is the plan and effective means for brand owners to protect their own brands, and different products adopt different anti-counterfeiting technologies.
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