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Product anti-counterfeiting identity code, improve users' recognition of the brand

by:Fullgo     2022-12-23
Each anti-counterfeiting label made by exclusive customization can only be used once, and it will be invalid after verification of authenticity, thereby preventing the label from being used multiple times, preventing the label from being counterfeited, and better protecting the brand. Brand product anti-counterfeiting identity code is the product's 'ID card mark, which proves that it is an authentic logo. Consumers can verify the authenticity of the product by scanning the code, which improves the trust of many customers in the product, thereby enhancing the reputation of the company's brand. Anti-counterfeiting The label ensures that a product corresponds to a code, and such identification is not repeated, and the corresponding product information is stored in the label. The customized label for a product can not only identify the authenticity of the product, but also can trace the product and query the status of each link. Information, in this way, consumers have a full understanding of the product and enhance the recognition! Counterfeiting problem is solved to combat many counterfeiters on the market, and anti-counterfeiting labels can just distinguish brands from fakes, so that consumers can buy genuine products , the fake products will automatically withdraw from the market if they cannot be sold. The high-tech anti-counterfeiting technology makes the product anti-counterfeiting identification code, and each product is affixed with an anti-counterfeiting identification code, which can fully prove the authenticity of the product and help the brand owners to boycott the market. All kinds of fake products. The anti-counterfeiting label will be damaged when it is torn off from the product, preventing it from being used on the fake product for a second time. It is also quite easy to identify the authenticity of the product, which is convenient for users to check the authenticity of the product and improves the protection of the product. The anti-counterfeiting labels produced by Shanghai Zhongshang Network protect the entire product cycle, from the factory to the hands of consumers, showing the role of customers in quickly identifying the authenticity of the product, thus safeguarding the interests of all parties. There are many rapid identification of authenticity and falsehood on the market. Therefore, you should make anti-counterfeiting labels for the products, solve the problem of counterfeiting by assigning codes to each product, and gain the trust of customers in the company and the brand. Products in various industries can use different Anti-counterfeiting technology, customized and exclusive anti-counterfeiting solutions, printing and making labels, qualified finished products with labels flow into the market for sale, so that consumers can check the authenticity of products. The anti-counterfeiting label is a small piece, which can be designed It can be made into various shapes, such as: circle, rectangle, square, flower shape, and can also be made into a variety of colors, which can be displayed in various colors. The anti-counterfeiting label enhances the aesthetics of product packaging and makes the product look more upscale. Welcome to call for free consultation. : 400-689-0580. Shanghai Zhongshang Network is here to serve you! Extend the reading of product anti-counterfeiting labels, help fight counterfeit blind box anti-counterfeiting labels, and clearly distinguish between true and false
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