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Product anti-counterfeiting labels can suppress counterfeit and shoddy goods

by:Fullgo     2023-01-28
For brand promotion and publicity, there are anti-counterfeiting signs on the products, and customers can easily check the authenticity of the products; assign codes to each product to achieve brand anti-counterfeiting protection. The manufacturing cost of anti-counterfeiting labels is very low, which can effectively save the cost of enterprises fighting counterfeit and shoddy products. The anti-counterfeiting label technology is a special anti-counterfeiting label printing technology that uses special methods to make different special textures on the background color, text, pictures, pictures and other layout components. Figure, can not be counterfeited. Product anti-counterfeiting labels can be distinguished from fake products and improve brand trust. There are anti-counterfeiting labels on products. Consumers can use the anti-counterfeiting labels to identify the authenticity of products, quickly understand genuine and fake products, protect brands, and ensure that consumers buy genuine products and maintain legitimate rights and interests of consumers. It is not simple to improve consumers' brand loyalty. A small anti-counterfeiting label is the 'ID card' of the product. It can combine the product QR code, marketing code and anti-counterfeiting code into one, and pass the product information through the anti-counterfeiting label. record or transmit. The anti-counterfeiting label is a reference made by product manufacturers or trademark holders to distinguish them from counterfeit and counterfeit products. The anti-counterfeiting label can confirm that the product is produced or sold by a brand enterprise, and the quality of the product itself depends on the production management of the enterprise. , quality management, products with anti-counterfeiting labels can better reflect the product company's attitude towards products and consumers. Counterfeit and shoddy products take the initiative to withdraw from the market. Anti-counterfeiting labels show a good product anti-counterfeiting effect, and the identification of true and false products is also very convenient. Through anti-counterfeiting technology, the use of anti-counterfeiting labels can easily reduce counterfeit products. The label integrates multiple anti-counterfeiting technologies, and the patented anti-counterfeiting technology cannot be copied. If it is copied, it will bear legal responsibility. Customized anti-counterfeiting labels for branded products, improve corporate brand image, and have security features. The important thing for product anti-counterfeiting is that the identification method is simple and the logo is difficult to imitate. The combination of the label and the anti-counterfeiting technology will have the effect of anti-counterfeiting; the anti-counterfeiting code corresponds to the product, and the anti-counterfeiting label is attached to the outer packaging of the product. Customers only need to scan the label to know the authenticity of the product. Using anti-counterfeiting labels, customers can distinguish between genuine and fake products, enhance their trust in the brand, and then reduce the number of fakes. This is also the meaning and characteristics of products using anti-counterfeiting labels.
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