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Product anti-counterfeiting labels to help fight counterfeiting

by:Fullgo     2022-11-18
To safeguard the interests of the enterprise itself, when consumers buy products, compare them. With anti-counterfeiting labels, they can buy the products they want with confidence, so that the producers are satisfied, and consumers can use them with confidence. Uncovering the anti-counterfeiting label with the bottom cover includes opening the hollowed-out text and leaving the pattern; when uncovered, it is layered and the content hidden between the layers is displayed, which can prevent unauthorized opening, movement, and re-sticking, and has the ability to damage it once it is opened. , a loss is a feature. Product labels in various industries are customized, and anti-counterfeiting labels are added to each product invisibly, which is more conducive to the systematic management of the whole process of products from production to sales; assigning codes to each product reduces the appearance of fakes , to ensure the quality of the brand, by scanning the anti-counterfeiting code, you can quickly identify the true and false. Prevent counterfeiting and shoddy products Customize anti-counterfeiting labels for branded products, paste an anti-counterfeiting label on the outer packaging of each product, reduce fakes, protect brands, check authenticity, maintain corporate reputation, and protect consumer rights. Anti-counterfeiting function: Consumers can scan the QR code to understand the product information, enter the query page, and enter the verification code to verify the authenticity. The production of anti-counterfeiting labels reflects a kind of responsibility, the responsibility of the society to the enterprise to the customer, the maintenance of the brand, and the long-term maintenance of the market consumers. Reduce counterfeit goods, brand products have long-term development, anti-counterfeiting labels are a reliable method to prevent product counterfeiting, and anti-counterfeiting labeling can effectively block the appearance of counterfeit products in the market. Anti-counterfeiting labels have a great guiding role for consumers to purchase products, and consumers will choose to correct products to ensure product quality. It is easy to identify the authenticity of the product. The anti-counterfeiting label is a material-based anti-counterfeiting method. The uncovered VOID anti-counterfeiting material (also called anti-counterfeiting font) is a revealing type self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting material whose base material is mostly plastic film. Product anti-counterfeiting labels distinguish products from other similar products; secondly, anti-counterfeiting labels provide consumers with a way to verify the authenticity of products. It is very necessary for manufacturers to make anti-counterfeiting labels for products to provide consumers with a basis for discrimination and to enhance the positive image of products. Anti-counterfeiting labels can promote the establishment of a unified management network. Each product has a unique anti-counterfeiting label, that is, each product is the only identity information. Enterprises can establish an exclusive digital management system to achieve unified management of products. It can effectively curb smuggling behavior and standardize the order of the marketing environment.
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