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Product anti-counterfeiting signs, quickly distinguish the true and false products

by:Fullgo     2022-11-18
The anti-counterfeiting signs that help brand products fight counterfeit products are the signs that distinguish genuine and fake products. Products with anti-counterfeiting signs are more convincing and easier to gain the trust of customers, combat counterfeiters, safeguard the interests of manufacturers, and protect the rights and interests of customers. An anti-counterfeiting mark is pasted on the outer packaging of each product to facilitate customers to check the authenticity of the product; the processing of anti-counterfeiting marks, planning anti-counterfeiting plans, generating anti-counterfeiting marks, printing anti-counterfeiting marks on each product, maintaining and processing, and strengthening anti-counterfeiting efforts. Goods dwindling rapidly. There are multiple processes in the production of anti-counterfeiting labels. The data is encrypted, and a product corresponds to an exclusive anti-counterfeiting mark, which prevents counterfeiting; the label integrates multiple anti-counterfeiting technologies, and Shanghai Zhongshang Network provides professional anti-counterfeiting technology, which cannot be imitated. , which reflects the strength of protecting the brand. A small anti-counterfeiting label can prove the authenticity of the product. The logo is the 'ID card' of the product. It can combine the product QR code, marketing code and anti-counterfeiting code into one, so that the information of the product is recorded through the anti-counterfeiting label. Protect the brand. For anti-counterfeiting of goods, it can be processed through anti-counterfeiting labels, and the authenticity can be easily checked, which is highly technical. Each product is assigned an anti-counterfeiting mark, and the information of each label corresponds to a product, which is not repeated to reduce counterfeit and shoddy products. The anti-counterfeiting code is encrypted, which enables mathematical encryption and conversion of the ID card identification of each commodity, realizes the technical encryption of the identity, and increases the security of the anti-counterfeiting mark. Research and develop anti-counterfeiting technology, custom-print anti-counterfeiting labels, and realize product anti-counterfeiting protection in various industries. The customized anti-counterfeiting logo that reflects the company's sense of responsibility to consumers can give full play to the anti-counterfeiting effect, help enterprises reduce counterfeit goods and maintain the brand market. Products with anti-counterfeiting labels are more high-end, and it is easier to gain customers' trust in the plus brand, and enhance product reputation and reputation. The anti-counterfeiting label is to place the generated data in the anti-counterfeiting system based on QR code technology, and send the transmitted data information when scanning and querying. Anti-counterfeiting label material: The paper is generally made of self-adhesive coated paper, and different models are selected according to the requirements. The label is a customized product. Product anti-counterfeiting signs, reduce fake and shoddy products, crack down on counterfeiters in the market, purify the market, and sell products in multiple channels. The label is a mark that proves that the product is genuine. Use anti-counterfeiting labels on branded products, counterfeit products are withdrawn from the market, and anti-counterfeiting labels are used to reduce counterfeit products.
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