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Product digital traceability management, all information can be queried

by:Fullgo     2022-11-20
The precise control traceability system has the function of quickly and efficiently proving the origin of the product, that is, it can determine its specific position in the entire production chain at any time. Product digital traceability management, information recording from the production process to the sales process, the system generates a traceability QR code label, prints and pastes it on each product, and flows the finished product into the market for sale. Consumers can scan the code after purchasing the product. View all product information, have a full understanding of the product, see the quality, and achieve information sharing. It can be traced back to the source through the one-object-one-code technology, including the information of each module in the raw material procurement, processing, warehousing, testing, and sales stages, and effective control and recall can be carried out to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers from the source. Anti-counterfeiting/traceability/marketing scanning code, data collection and correlation layer by layer, realize the transparency of information in production, logistics, and sales channels, so as to grasp product distribution information, and at the same time, through systematic operation, link brands, terminals, users and other links are opened up . Through all aspects of supplier materials, material sending and receiving, production process, quality control, product sending and receiving to after-sales service. Traceability of the entire channel Manufacturing enterprises use the traceability system to realize the full-cycle traceability management of products. The detailed content of each link is recorded, the problem products can be quickly recalled, and the responsible person can also be found. product quality. Product digital traceability refers to the entire process of information data storage throughout the key links of raw material procurement, processing and packaging, quality inspection and warehousing, logistics and sales, and terminal sales. decision. Form the information monitoring of products from raw materials, production and processing, quality inspection, logistics and transportation. It can be traced from the source of the product to the process of processing and circulation. To give each product a unique identity, that is, to code the data (two-dimensional code) on the product itself and the packaging carrier through various automatic identification equipment. Through the code assignment of the production line in the production process, the company makes the product have a unique digital identity. Each QR code is associated with the production batch and production date of the product, and establishes an association relationship with the upper-level packaging. With one item, one code technology, it runs from the source of production to the end of consumption, and conducts full-link digital management of raw materials, production, warehousing, circulation, sales and service.
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